MAC Little Miss Mischief Vamplify

Be seduced by our most dramatic lip gloss yet. Loaded with high-powered pigments that hug lips in shades that glisten with a delicious shine, one swipe of Vamplify loads lips with attitude as a combination of lush natural oils polish with impeccable, moisturizing colour. Never a tease, the glossy colour wears comfortably for hours, for a look that comes on strong and doesn’t let go.

The Vamplify Collection (released in Fall 2015) consisted of 17 Vamplify Lipglosses and 12 Pro Longwear Lip Pencils to match. Every item in this collection retailed for $20.00 a pop. Right off the bat, these strongly reminded me of the Kissable Lipcolours from the Peacocky Collection (reviewed here).

I only purchased a single Vamplify (5mL / 0.16 fl. oz.) in the shade Little Miss Mischief from the online MAC store (U.S.) for $20.00 Little Miss Mischief was the only shade that was an online exclusive (only available online) which also factored into the reason why I purchased it.

The main reason, was because Little Miss Mischief is described as a bright warm pink. Over the years, I’ve learned to avoid cool-toned pinks because they look straight up purple on my lips (when all I want is a hot pink). I already knew Little Miss Mischief was going to look complimentary on me; which is another reason why I purchased it, site unseen (unswatched, etc…). The only thing in question was the formula, and its performance.

I appreciated the fact that Vamplify glosses came with a doe-foot applicator, making it easier to get a more precise application (because Vamplify glosses are quite pigmented!). I found the the packaging with its long, slim tube, quite sleek and aesthetically appealing! Somehow, applying gloss to my lips from the extra-long wand felt strangely reaffirming (I’m a girl and I wear lipgloss), almost sort of underscoring the femininity of the act.

As you can see from the swatches (in different angles and different lighting) Little Miss Mischief is yet another coral pink and is just the teeny tiniest bit translucent (giving an almost jelly-like finish to the lips). However, it’s also quite buildable, so you can just keep adding layer after layer, until you get the level of intensity that you prefer. I’ll be honest, it is a touch sticky at first (but not as thick as MAC‘s Lipglass formula and actually more similar to MAC‘s Sheen Supreme Lipsticks) but quickly dries down to a more comfortable wear. Vamplify glosses came in a wide variety of shades (from brights to nudes, reds and vampy colors and even trendy colors) and depending on which ones you choose, I foresee the lighter shades emphasizing dryness or problematic areas. Thankfully, I went with a brighter color. Little Miss Mischief wears off to a lovely stain on the lips, like you’ve just been sucking on a Strawberry Popsicle. This is such an easy-breezy product that I can virtually pair it with everything and it would still look great! Even better, it’s such a no-fuss product that I actually apply Little Miss Mischief in my car (horrible lighting, tiny mirror, unsteady hands) and it still ends up looking complimentary!

I love how pigmented this is! I love having the option to wear it as a translucent jelly-gloss, or build it up until it’s as opaque as a lipstick! I love the vanilla scent! I love the pretty pink coral shade, and I love the cute name! Such an easy-breezy product! Love!

Vamplify was such a hit that MAC just re-released them again, this year, in newer shades. I purchased Little Miss Mischief from the U.S. MAC Store (online) but now whenever I try to access it, I keep being redirected to the Middle East Online MAC Store which is effectively useless because 1) We are not given the option to purchase anything from there and 2) I keep getting “The requested page could not be found.” I ranted about the whole thing earlier (in the post titled Goodbye and will continue to do so, until someone does something about it. As a loyal customer, I find this unacceptable behavior. Get your ish together, MAC.

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