MAC Little Buddha Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick

Cremesheen Pearl, the shimmering twist on a M∙A∙C classic, is back with a brilliant bang. Cremesheen Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass, both infused with pearlized pigments, are available in 15 new Asian-inspired shades. Prominent pinks, radiant reds and contemporary corals glow strikingly against all skin tones with a finish that leaves lips luminous and decidedly lacquered. With foolproof colour coverage and gleamingly creamy gloss, this eye-catching update to Cremesheen is the new yin and yang for your lips.

As a teenager, I’ve always had very strong opinions about French Manicures, Pearls, Animal Print, Polka-Dots, and Gold. I thought they were extremely tacky, and so I avoided them like the plague. Over the years, I’ve slowly been warming up to some of the things I just listed, especially if they come in unexpected colors. For example, when I was in Thailand (I believe we were on an day-tour to Phi Phi Island) I purchased a pearl necklace from the open-air street vendor because the pearls were a dark gray (almost metallic) which I thought was pretty cool and unexpected. The point of all that was, aside from the pearly nail polish (which wasn’t even part of the collection) the promo pics of the Cremesheen Pearl Collection did absolutely nothing for me. I took one look and thought “Pass”. The Asian-inspired shade names however were everything to me! Based on my love for Anime, Manga, RPGs, Japanese Movies, Japanese Snacks, Japanese Makeup, Japanese Skincare, Korean Dramas, K-pop, Korean Contact Lenses, Korean Skincare, Korean Makeup, and everything pertaining to Japan and Korea, I just had to get at least one thing from this collection. Unfortunately, with names like Nippon (creamy mid-tone coral pink), Koi Coral (pale peachy nude), Little Buddha (bright peachy pink), Tokyo Tizzy (bright yellow-orange), Obi Orange (intense clean reddish orange), Pretty Boy (intense pink coral), Sweet Sakura (true red with soft gold pearl), I kinda’ wanted them all.

After much deliberation, I narrowed it down to Little Buddha and Pretty Boy. I know a lot of people don’t like the cremesheen finish on MAC lipsticks, but it actually happens to be my favorite! However, I wasn’t quite sure about this new cremesheen pearl finish. As such, after messing around with those two in-store, I decided to go with a shade that I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of, regardless of how badly it performed. I purchased Little Buddha for KD 8/750 at MAC (Avenues branch).

I’ll be honest, I was slightly disappointed that these came in regular packaging. What with the theme, and the name, I feel that this collection had so much potential, that MAC could have gone in virtually any direction and still come up with something…. more.

That said, all the pretty packaging in the world can’t save a product; if it’s bad, it’s bad. This wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. The coral-y pink color was right up my alley (as I have a strong penchant for this type of shade) but it just sunk into each and every crevice on my lips, practically highlighting every imperfection. Even after thoroughly exfoliating my lips, and prepping them with a lip balm beforehand, Little Buddha still made my lips look terrible. From a distance, it doesn’t look too bad, but up close, it’s a mess. I mean, I don’t mind wearing this at night, but during the day-time, fuggedaboutit. I love how easily this glides on (unlike MAC’s Angel which is a frost finish lipstick and slightly drags when you apply it), and I love how it feels on the lips, all smooth and creamy, but I just couldn’t get past how horrible it made my lips look. To remedy that, all I do is apply a pigmented (not sheer, not semi-sheer) lipgloss over it and boom, problem solved. I could layer it over a lipstick to add some dimension (since this does have a pearl finish) but usually after I’ve completely finished applying my makeup, I never wanna’ risk messing it up, because I’ll probably have to be out the door some time in the next few minutes.

I cannot in good faith recommend Cremesheen Pearl lipsticks to anyone. They sink into fine lines, cling to dry areas, and basically highlight every imperfection on the lips. I mean, if even the model in the promo shot (see first photo) can’t pull it off, that kinda’ says it all.

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