MAC Barking Gorgeous Mineralize Rich Lipstick

(Wo)man’s best friend is barking up the right tree in a well-groomed collection of new canine-inspired hues from M·A·C, featuring luscious, buttery fur tones, gold-spun sculpting powders, and regal berries for lips. From aristocratic to collars-off cool, shades of every pooch are perched to prime your every mood. With Haute Dogs, you’ll be lapping up accolades as best in show!

I died laughing when I first saw this! The Haute Dogs Collection has one of the funniest themes ever from MAC, in my humble opinion. I mean even the name of the collection, Haute Dogs = Hot Dogs Oh, the lulz. This was a pretty big collection, consisting of 5 Mineralize Rich Lipsticks, 4 Mineralize Glass (glosses), 2 Lip Pencils, 4 Fluidlines, 3 Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads, 2 Mineralize Skinfinishes, 4 Sculpting/Shaping Powders, 3 Nail Lacquers, and 4 Makeup Brushes (mix and match of permanent and limited edition items) and most of those had pretty funny names too like Labradorable (lipstick), Dressed to K9s (gloss), and Very Important Poodle (nail polish). Let’s not forget the pièce de résistance, that promo pic (see first photo). I just can’t stop giggling! I’m pretty sure they were trying to recreate the success of Fabulous Felines but while that collection evoked images of grace, elegance, and beauty, Haute Dogs just comes across as goofy yet hilarious!

I wasn’t really all that interested in purchasing anything from the Haute Dogs Collection but I was shopping online at (which we are no longer able to access, in my part of the World) and figured since I was going to be placing an order anyway, might as well check it out. The one thing I wanted was the Nail Lacquer in Snazzy Hound (mid-tone grey) but I couldn’t purchase it because I was ordering online, and the service that I use (Aramex) won’t ship it (for safety reason) to Kuwait. The only other thing that caught my eye was the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks because I truly love the single Mineralize Rich Lipstick that I own (hauled here). I couldn’t decide between Fashion Pack (pale pink nude), Rare Breed (mid-tone pinky nude), and Barking Gorgeous (light peach) and at $23.00 per lipstick, I could only choose one.

After looking at swatches online, I decided to skip Fashion Pack, rather thank risk it being too nude for my lips, and Rare Breed, because I’m pretty sure gold pearl would not look the least bit flattering on me (of the sallow skin), and went ahead and purchased Barking Gorgeous.

I’m so so so happy with Barking Gorgeous! I already knew the formula was going to be light, creamy, and comfortable on the lips but the color is absolutely delightful! Honestly, I was preparing for the worst (because of the pearl finish, which I learned from Little Buddha can be quite problematic), but it just added a little something extra to the lipstick, making the overall prettiness of the color such a pleasant surprise! It does settle into fine lines slightly, but again that problem is easily remedied with any gloss (clear, nude, pink, peach, whatever you prefer).

Here’s a picture of Barking Gorgeous (left) and Posh Tone (right) side by side for comparative purposes. Also, I was feeling kinda’ guilty about the awful quality of the photos in my Posh Tone haul (here) so I figured this might kinda’ make up for it.

In the same order again. Although they might look similar, they actually do have very slight differences packaging-wise. One has a larger base, larger cap, and and is overall larger than the other.

I’m not sure if Barking Gorgeous is missing the sticker at the bottom because it came from the U.S. or because I ordered it online, or if it’s just a fluke. Either way, I only have 2 of these (so far), and Posh Tone has its sticker, so even if I did somehow manage to confuse the two, there’s that.

Again, Barking Gorgeous (left) is described as a light peach and Posh Tone (right) is described as a soft warm nude cream. Due to the fact that Barking Gorgeous is so light (essentially a nude on my lips) I can’t just throw it on and be out the door, unlike Posh Tone. On myself, Barking Gorgeous has to be accompanied by a little bit of bronzer or blush, if nothing else. Posh Tone on the other hand, I don’t mind wearing completely bare-faced (no eyeliner, no bronzer, no nothing) because it’s such a flattering shade on olive skin (read: Arab complexion). That said, I love them both (for different reasons), equally.

Posh Tone (bottom) is the smaller and darker heart and Barking Gorgeous (top) is the lighter and larger heart.

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