MAC Neo-Orange Pigment and Pink Lemonade Lipglass

Just another benefit of shopping at the online MAC store (which is no longer an option for Arabs) was being able to purchase these two stunners!

This doesn’t come with any packaging because it’s from the Sized To Go Collection. Basically, MAC released deluxe-sample-sized pigments, mascaras, skincare, and lipglass (some new and some repromoted). My heart was set on Pink Lemonade Lipglass but I could never find it, so I settled for Prrr Lipglass (review here) and as per usual, Pink Lemonade never even made it to MAC stores in Kuwait. I could have just ordered the Lipglass online but as the years progressed, I’d developed somewhat of a distaste for its formula (heavy, thick, sticky) and wasn’t too keen on committing to yet another full-sized Lipglass regardless of how beautiful it looked. When I heard that MAC was coming out with a Sized To Go Collection (which I thought was sheer genius, I mean, mini-Fix+ ’nuff said) I fervently prayed and prayed that Pink Lemonade Lipglass would be one of the minis and thankfully it was! MAC only ever comes out with deluxe-sample-sized products in their Holiday Collections and even then, they come in a set (not for sale individually) so this whole Sized To Go business was amazing! When I inquired after this collection at the MAC stores in Kuwait, not only was I met with the usual blank stares, but one of them even asked me if I wasn’t mistaking the collection with a release from another brand. How are these people so clueless when it’s like, literally their job to know this stuff? #mindblown Obviously, I had to resort to shopping at the online MAC store (which unfortunately is no longer an option over here). I purchased Pink Lemonade Lipglass (2.4g / 0.08 fl. oz.) for $10.00, and for reference the full size Lipglass (4.8g / 0.16 fl. oz.) retails for $15.00 normally.

Pink Lemonade Lipglass is described as a flamingo pink (my favorite!). For those who aren’t fluent in beauty-speak, flamingo pink is basically a coral pink and whether I’m a blonde, brunette, or bald, I absolutely live for corals! Also, look at how tiny and cute it actually is! This is what I was referring to when I said perks of shopping at the online MAC store because 1) I managed to get my hands on a product that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, but not because of availability or lack thereof (out of stock) but because it never ever made it to Kuwait and 2) I managed to save money by purchasing the mini version (which also never made it to Kuwait) and 3) I had the option of taking my time, and leisurely picking out the one I wanted, because the Sized To Go Collection was up on the MAC site for the longest time (I wanna’ say a year but I’m not too sure) as opposed to blink and it’s gone (which is basically what happens in-store, but to be fair, that happens in most MAC stores all over the world, not just Kuwait). As you might’ve already inferred, I’m clearly still very upset about this.

Neo-Orange Pigment is aptly described as a neon orange. Neo-Orange (3g / 0.1 oz.) retails for $21.00 and was released in the Fall Pigments Collection (2011) and again in the Playland Collection (2015) and was also part of the permanent PRO line (and possibly might still be, I wouldn’t know because I can no longer access the MAC website). I don’t normally purchase pigments, because they are huge, and would take several life-times over, to entirely finish using up just the one. That said, the color was ridiculously beautiful that I just couldn’t pass it up. Sorry for the awkward angle but I was trying to get the name to show on both the pigment and the pigment’s packaging. On the back of the packaging it reads Warning: Not for use in the lip or eye area. Obviously, I’m totally going to disregard that warning, because I don’t have sensitive skin (so I can do pretty much whatever I want to it) but I do not recommend anyone else doing that too because it might possibly be dangerous.

In hindsight, maybe placing Neo-Orange and Pink Lemonade side by side wasn’t the smartest move. Clearly, Neo-Orange is stealing the show. Also, please excuse my dry skin but I don’t believe in applying a lotion, primer, or anything else when I’m swatching stuff for my blog because the color will appear brighter, smoother, and more intensified over a primer (or lotion) and I would like to keep the color as close to its true form as possible (read: no outside manipulation).

I’m so happy that I’ve finally gotten my hands on Pink Lemonade. It’s a pretty shade that looks beautiful over nudes, pinks, corals, and even on it’s own! It has a lovely bit of sparkle to it too. Sure it’s a bit thick for my liking but that’s just because it’s also long-wearing. This might just be my mind playing tricks on me (because I’m very biased towards the product) but I could swear it’s less sticky than regular Lipglass. On its own, it can pull paler on very pigmented lips and more coral-y on less pigmented lips.

Neo-Orange is a stunning, STUNNING shade! I mean look at it. It’s so neon, it’s practically glowing! I can’t. I just can’t! I especially love that it’s got a matte finish. With pigments, the possibilities are endless! I’m totally going to incorporate this into several eye looks. I can wear this as a wash of color all over the lid. I can use it for a cut crease look. I’ve already worn this in the inner corner as an unexpected pop of color (with Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Stray Dog all over the lid) and I’m planning on doing it again with an all brown (possibly matte) eye-look next time. I’m also planning on using it with some Fix+ to line my eyes. I’m not too sure if I’m going to use it in the lip area yet but if I do, it’ll most likely be over some lipgloss. Using it with some polish on my nails just sounds like a mess waiting to happen, but that’s an option as well. Best of all, and the main reason why I purchased this, was to wear it as a blush. I know it looks crazy but I’m pretty sure I can tone it down. Better still, I could use it as a topper over other stuff (I’m looking at you Sun Power). I believe Neo-Orange can be worn by anyone who cares to, and will look stunning on all skin-tones across the board!

I love almost everything (not a fan of the stickiness) about Pink Lemonade from the color, to the name, and I adore the way MAC lip products always smell like vanilla! I’m super excited about wearing Neo-Orange on my cheeks especially, and can’t wait to mix and match highlighters, bronzers, and other blushes with it! It’s a bit fussy to work with but to me it’s so worth the hassle!

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