Ikea SINNLIG Green Apple Candle

I’ve always loved candles, for as far back as I can remember (as mentioned here). I believe they lend a certain ambiance to a room, lit or unlit, scented or unscented. That said, I do tend to lean more towards scented candles, especially gourmand scents. So I was absolutely delighted when my dad came back from Ikea with two scented candles (green apple and strawberry) from the SINNLIG line for me. My dad and I have polar opposite tastes, when it comes to scents we enjoy, and he usually wrinkles his nose in disgust whenever I shove my latest candle purchase(s) from Bath & Body Works in his face to smell. He prefers the scents of his flowers (the ones he spends hours upon hours nurturing and carefully tending to, until they are ready to bloom) in his garden, or his tried and true favorite perfumes (or cologne, as people in the U.S. call it). He cares for that garden (which is actually much older than I am, as he is so fond of reminding me) as if it were one of his children, and is usually the first thing he asks us about whenever he calls home while traveling. It’s actually kind of sweet. However, with plants, come insects, and I absolutely detest bugs; any and every kind, but especially butterflies, ugh!!!! Consequentially, I’ve kinda’ grown to resent the garden. So now you know where my hatred for floral scents, and flowers in general, stems from. My dad, on the other hand, hates artificial scents especially the gourmand ones I tend to favor, as he prefers natural scents (like the ones found in his garden). That’s why the fact that he surprised me with not one but two fruit-scented candles from Ikea just because he knows how much I adore that kind of scent (even though he absolutely hates it) was extra sweet of him!

I chose to burn and review the Green Apple candle first, because it’s very Autumn/Fall-appropriate. The 9cm glass candle retails for KD /750. The plastic cover reads 40h (of burn time). As you can see, it’s actually a pretty decent size. For the most part, it burned nicely and evenly, but the flame shifted to the side whenever the A.C. (central air) came on, making the candle burn unevenly, but that was completely my fault for placing the candle where I did.

I cannot explain to you how much joy this scent brings me! You don’t even have to be a long-time reader of my blog to know how much I adore the scent of green apples, just look at my previous posts. Out of all the green apple-scented products I’ve reviewed so far, this smells the most true. This candle straight up smells like juicy, delicious, Granny Smith Apples! One thing I will say though, is that the throw on this thing isn’t the greatest. It’ll scent up smaller rooms just fine, but with larger, more spacious rooms, it’ll just create a scent bubble around the candle (only scenting the area where you burn it, and not the entire room). That said, the cold throw (scent the candle emits when it’s not lit) is pretty good! I’d be stalking a particular site on my pc waiting for a certain item to be released when I’d randomly get a whiff of green apples from the candle, which would be resting on a table about an arm’s length away. Be warned that once you snuff it out, the scent can veer a bit towards car freshner, as it cools. Once it’s completely cool, it’ll go back to smelling like yummy, crisp, deliciousness!

Honestly, I’m pretty impressed! After being disappointed by Ikea candles for as far back as I can remember, I sorta’ started ignoring them, always skipping the candle section, for years (read: decades). Sure, their candles looked pretty, and their candle accessories even more so (using an Ikea candle snuffer made me feel very posh and Victorian-esque) but it wasn’t enough to make me shell out my allowance (that I’d carefully squirreled away) for an over-priced candle, that didn’t even smell all that great. It didn’t even occur to me that they might’ve fixed all that, over the years, which is why I’m so thankful that my dad decided to get this candle for me! This candle looks pretty (bright green, transparent glass), smells delightful (green apple deliciousness), and retails for less than 1 Kuwait Dinar (extremely wallet-friendly!). What more could a girl ask for? Like I said, I’m pretty impressed, and I’m definitely going to check out the candle section at Ikea from now on.

This specific SINNILIG Green Apple Scented Candle is available in several sizes; 14cm block which retails for KD /950, 9cm glass candle which retails for KD /750, 7.5cm glass candle for KD /500, 12 tealight candles in metal cups for KD 1/250, and 30 tealight candles for /950.

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