Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Appletini Travel Size Gift Set

This Victoria’s Secret Appletini Gift Set was another purchase made at Mishref Fair Grounds. The Beauty Rush Appletini Body Double Mist (75mL/2.5 FL OZ), Beauty Rush Body Drink Lotion (50mL/1.7 FL OZ), and Sexy Little Things Noir Scented Body Lotion (30mL/FL OZ) all came in a small Victoria’s Secret Bag. I wanna say the set cost KD 9/000 originally and was reduced to KD 6/750 but I could be making that up. Whatever the cost, I obviously thought it was worth it at the time especially because these were travel size and I think anything tiny is adorable. For reference, the original size of the Appletini Body Double Mist is 250mL/8.4 FL OZ and the Appletini Body Drink Lotion is 200mL/6.7 FL OZ and the Sexy Little Things Scented Body Lotion is 200mL/6.7 FL OZ

The problem with the Body Double Mist line is that they leave a sticky residue on the skin. I’d purchased the full sized Beauty Rush Strawberry Double Mist when I was much younger (possibly a teenager) and absolutely hated it (because of the sticky residue it had left on my skin), but I guess I might’ve overlooked that fact because the Appletini Body Double Mist smelled like apples (green apples, which was so rare to find in products) and was all tiny, and cute (travel size). If you take a look at the bottle, you can see that it’s got an ombre look to it but that’s actually because it’s a double phase liquid; you shake up the bottle to mix the liquids inside before using it (not unlike Lancome’s Bi-facil makeup remover). It’s actually pretty cool to use and makes me feel like an amateur chemist! The problem is I hate the sticky residue it leaves on my neck, or wherever else I spray this. Plus, the oil in this stuff can actually stain your clothing items (read: it ruined my scarf). Not willing to part with this delightful if not faint scent, I decided to reserve it for beach use (because I know I’m gonna’ be popping in and out of the water so I don’t mind spraying this on my skin as I’m sure it’ll wash off in the sea) but I keep forgetting to take it with me whenever I do eventually go swimming.

As for the Appletini Body Drink Lotion it was an absolute joy to use! Everything about this was delightful, from the artificial green apple scent (which was easily detectable and actually lasted for a good while unlike the Body Double Mist) to the consistency which absorbed quickly into my skin and made it feel soft. As you can see from what’s printed on the back, Victoria’s Secret are also fond of making words up (not unlike Bath and Body Works) which I think is pretty funny!

I wasn’t really feeling the Sexy Little Things Body Lotion so I just left it in the little bag that came with the set (and sort of forgot about it) until eventually I started using that bag (as a makeup bag, in my much larger handbag) and found the little lotion in it. I started using the Sexy Little Things Body Lotion just for the sake of using it, but I didn’t really enjoy the scent. It’s not a bad scent per say but it’s just not what I prefer (and if I’m being honest, it was a bit too musky for my taste). That said, it did make my skin feel velvet-y soft!

I only purchased the set for these two because I absolutely love Granny Smith Apples, and by extension anything apple-scented (preferably green apple)! More brands need to come out with products that smell like green apples, in my humble opinion. Victoria’s Secret has since discontinued the Appletini scent, Sexy Little Things scent, and the Body Double Mist line.

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