Greenland Apple Body Scrub

I was delighted when I found this Greenland Apple Body Scrub at Mishref Fair Grounds during the Perfumes and Makeup Exhibition. I purchased this for KD 4/500 at the Makeup Al-Mansour booth (along with several other items but more on those in another post). Although the packaging does come across as a bit cheap-y, I just couldn’t resist picking this up, especially since it had the picture of a green apple on it. Plus, Makeup Al-Mansour is kinda’ known for selling drugstore products, not luxury items. I actually discovered Makeup Al-Mansour years and years ago (before I even thought about starting this blog) at Mishref Fair Grounds during another of those bi-annual Perfume and Makeup Exhibitions and decided I just couldn’t wait for another six months just so I could shop there again, so I hunted down their actual physical store (which happened to be in City Center, Salmiya branch). However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy browsing their booth at Mishref Fair Grounds whenever I do happen to make it there, during the exhibition. I always manage to find the coolest stuff (at least, to me) that I don’t normally find in-store, for whatever reason. This Greenland Apple Body Scrub, for example, is pretty cool, to me!

I’ve never tried any product from the brand Greenland before until this product but I have purchased one other Greenland product since. Apparently Greenland is a Dutch brand established in the Netherlands in 1990 by a former forestry student who was fascinated by flowers, fruits, and herbs from all over the world so he founded Greenland which is now a brand dedicated to developing bodycare products and home cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. That all sounds very charming but looking at the ingredients, I see a whole lot of chemicals (not unlike the ingredients in my shampoo) and not a lot of flowery stuff. Then again, what do I know? I’m no forestry student (isn’t that called botany?) and to drive the point home, I just referred to the natural ingredients as “flowery stuff”. It does make sense though, because if this stuff was all natural, then it would expire way sooner than the allocated twelve months, and that’s no good, because even if I did use this stuff daily, I still wouldn’t be able to finish it all up, until at least after a year. I mean, look at it; it’s huge, 250 grams huge. I guess Malus domestica (apple fruit extract) is the flowery stuff in question (and that’s about the extent of it).

I really wanted to love this Apple Body Scrub but unfortunately, I didn’t. The scent was pleasant enough; it wasn’t full on Granny Smith Apples, but more of a pureed yellow apple scent, but I tend to enjoy any apple scent (green, red, yellow, sharon, etc…) in my products, anyway. The consistency was, again, similar to pureed apples, with little granules generously scattered throughout. The little granules exfoliated my skin perfectly! I love me some exfoliation action (the rougher, the better) and this scrub actually surpassed my expectations! That’s where the love affair ends. This particular scrub left an invisible residue on my skin. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that it’s actually a pet peeve of mine. It wasn’t a slimy residue by any means, in fact, my skin felt tight, almost dry. The problem was it failed “the contact lens test”. I’ve talked about this before but my eyes burned like a mutha’ after washing my hands with Dettol liquid hand soap and popping on my colored contact lenses. I suspected the Greenland Apple Body Scrub left an invisible residue but I couldn’t really prove it because, well… it’s invisible. I needed a definitive answer, either way, because not knowing was starting to irritate me, so I decided to test it by popping on a contact lens, and once again my eyes burned and I got my answer. I don’t have to wear my contacts straight out of the shower because they are colored contacts, purely for cosmetic purposes. The whole point of wearing them straight out of the shower was to test my theory. The fact that the scrub leaves a residue is what irritates the heck out of me. My OCD kicks in and it just drives me nuts. I want to leave my shower squeaky clean if not all red and raw and preferably bleeding from all the exfoliation action. Any residue makes me feel dirty. That’s why I don’t love this Apple Body Scrub by the brand Greenland. However, if you’re a normal person, with normal tendencies, who doesn’t mind an ever-so-slight residue (that’s totally invisible, mind you) then you might wanna’ try this Greenland Apple Body Scrub.

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