Skittles has got to be hands-down my all-time favorite candy of life! I absolutely love the way they taste! I also like the fact that they come in five different colors and flavors; Red/Strawberries, Orange/Oranges, Yellow/Lemon, Green/Green Apple, and my personal favorite Purple/Grape. It became a huge thing when they switched Lime for Green Apple and it seriously upset a lot of people. Obviously, I wasn’t one of those people because I absolutely adore Green Apple artificial or otherwise. The scent of an open bag of Skittles smells mouth-wateringly good to me! That’s why I tend to reference Skittles a lot when I’m reviewing flavored or scented beauty products. I love the scent and taste of Skittles!

I’ve actually been known to be tamed by Skittles. In fact, everyone has gotten me Skittles at one point or another. My dad would be out getting some snacks for my nieces and nephew (six, eight, and ten-year-olds) and come back home with Skittles for me (fully-grown adult woman). My cousins would be stopping by for a visit and in addition to whatever else they’d be bringing, they’d always bring some Skittles for me. Our chauffeur would come back from his day off and he’d bring back some Skittles for me. Even my friends’ would-be suitors would give my girlfriends some Skittles (family pack) in the hopes of winning me over (so I’d put in a good word for them with my friends). Its not even like I asked for it. It’s just that whenever I pop a Skittle in my mouth, I start grinning from ear to ear and make squealing noises (eliciting wary looks from the random passerby). It’s kind of hard to miss my obvious delight, so at this point it’s pretty much a well-known fact that LuLu luvs Skittles!

I like that Skittles has a variety of bags ranging from “Sour” to “Wild Berry” and so on, each with their own set of colors and flavors. They also come in different sizes ranging from the tiny fun-size and bite-size (no seriously that’s what they’re called) to the regular size (usually found in most co-ops in the country) to the family size (which is huge!). The family-size bags of Skittles were actually given to me by my friend, which in turn was given to her by her significant other, because even though I’ve barely said two words to the guy, he’d decided to stop by our work to surprise her with several treats, and included two huge bags of Skittles for me, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. Obviously after that I told her he was a keeper! In any case, you can find the more exotic flavors and uncommon sizes at Sultan Center.

Skittles branched out into Sours (2000), Bubblegum as in it had fruit-flavored chewing gum in the center, once you got past the hard sugar shell (2004), Smoothie Mix (2005), Ice Cream Treats (2006), Carnival (2007), Sensations that came in “hot” and “cool” flavors like Chili Berry and Cool Raspberry (2008) Chocolate as in legit chocolate! (2008), Crazy Core (2009), Fizzl’d Fruits because it well… fizzes in your mouth (2010), Blenders (2011), Darkside because it had “mysterious” flavors (2013), Desserts (2014), Orchards which had flavors you usually find in an orchard such as the beloved discontinued Lime (2015), Sweets & Sours (2016), America Mix which had Skittles with colors of the American flag (April-July 2016), and last but not least Cauldron which has “spooky” flavors such as Petrified Pear, etc… (Halloween 2016). Some of these were limited edition so they’ve since been discontinued and some are still sold in different parts of the world but Skittles Gum and Skittles Chocolate… I mean, doesn’t that just blow your mind?!?!

That said, my favorite has got to be “Original” or “Fruits” depending on which country you’re in. Interestingly enough, Skittles were first manufactured by a company in the U.K. (1974) before eventually becoming manufactured in the United States (1982). They are now produced and marketed by the Wrigley Company (yes, as in the chewing gum) which is a division of Mars, Incorporated (yes, as in the chocolate bar). As I said before, different countries have different Skittles, for example in the U.K. and Sweden the Purple Skittles are blackcurrant (not grape) and the mint-flavored Skittles (sounds suspect) were only available in Europe, etc…

Skittles has been unwittingly involved in not one but two political scandals. The first time was when protesters held cans of Ice Tea and Skittles because that’s what 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is reported to have been carrying when he was killed by neighborhood watch person, George Zimmerman in Miami in 2012. Skittles turned into a symbol underscoring Trayvon’s youth and that’s why they were raised in protest over the injustice of his death.

Then again, when Donald Trump Jr. dragged Skittles into the mess recently by tweeting his insensitive meme about Syrian refuges, comparing them to Skittles that could kill. You can see the response from Mars, Inc. above. They responded promptly, pragmatically, and well… respectfully. They didn’t try to cash in on the scandals nor turn them into a marketing ploy, making me admire them even more!

Back to the regular Skittles or “Original” as they are named, I like the fact that I have the option to bite into the hard sugar shell or just melt it in my mouth before chewing the rest of it. Sometimes I’ll just up-end half (as I cannot fit the whole thing in my mouth unfortunately but not for lack of trying) of the packet, straight into my mouth, and other times I prefer to separate them by color so I can savor the taste. I love how chew-y they are are! I can binge on Skittles for months and months which consequentially leads to me going off them for awhile (after all that binge-eating) but I always, always go back to them. Be on the lookout for Brightside which is soon to be released (2017) and will include the flavors Blue/Paradise Punch, Yellow/Kiwi Banana, Orange/Tangerine, Green/Watermelon, and Pink/Pink Lemonade.

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