Bath and Body Works Empties 1


Let’s start off with hand soaps. I know I’ve hauled way more than just the ones shown (some I didn’t even get around to hauling) but it didn’t occur to me earlier to save them. I’ve thrown a good percentage out, after using them all up. Others, I’ve given away (read: friends and family snatched them up).


Ocean Pearl: pink grapefruit, watery white freesia, blue water accord
I was hoping that Ocean Pearl (hauled here) was Ocean Citrus (hauled here) (because sometimes B&BW will repackage a product and re-release it under a different name) but it wasn’t. Ocean Pearl did not have any lemon in it, as opposed to Ocean Citrus. It didn’t even smell unisex or masculine like most Ocean scents. Also, Ocean Pearl was too perfume-y for my taste. Needless to say I will not be repurchasing this if I ever saw it again. Just because they might have sorta’ similar names doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a similar product – lesson learned. I’m still on the look-out for an Ocean Citrus dupe because it’s one of my favorite hand soap scents from B&BW.

Mandarin Blossom: Italian mandarin, honeysuckle, crushed mint
This was from the Italian collection which was released around the time I was seriously craving something orange-scented so I snatched up several Mandarin Blossom hand soaps. It’s like when you’re at a restaurant and you’re starving so you order more than you normally would, and end up with way too much food or when you go grocery shopping when you’re starving, and feel the need to buy everything. Although sufficiently orange-scented at first, there was an underlying scent (like grass) that I did not enjoy. Whatever it was (mint, maybe?), it made the process of using these hand soaps an unpleasant one. Thankfully, Orange Creamsicle Swirl (hauled here) had some orange in it too and smelled absolutely gorgeous which more than made up for all the unpleasantness with Mandarin Blossom (hauled here). I wouldn’t repurchase one let alone more of Mandarin Blossom if I hadn’t been jonesin’ for an orange-scented product.

Citrus Fig: zesty kaffir limes, fresh figs, peach blossoms
This was another one from the Italian collection. I actually enjoyed using this up. Citrus Fig (hauled here) and Exotic Rainforest (hauled here) kinda’ remind me of each other because they both have that delightful fruity-green scent that’s neither too sweet nor citrus-y, just clean. I’d totally repurchase this if B&BW ever came out with it again.

Sugar Berry Shortcake: strawberries, fresh whipped cream, spun sugar
This was from the Sweet Shop collection (hauled here). Sometimes, I’d enjoy using it and yet other times I’d find the scent to be too artificially sweet. I actually had the same problem with Velvet Sugar shower gel. I couldn’t quite make up my mind on whether I liked the scent or not. I noticed that if I used it regularly, the scent just became tooth-achingly sweet but if I stopped using it for awhile, I’d enjoy the scent that much more whenever I did eventually go back to using it. Also in comparison to the other hand soap scents that I disliked (Ocean Pearl, Mandarin Blossom, Sea Side Bloom, Honolulu Sun, and Georgia Peach) this smelled pretty good. In comparison to the other hand soap scents that I did like (Citrus Fig, Fresh Honeydew Lemonade, Coastal Surf & Sun, Pacific Cool Breeze, Citrus Sun Shine, Weekend Apple Picking, Lush Bamboo Waterfall, and Southern Lemon Chiffon) this smelled straight up nauseating. Would I repurchase? Undecided.

Fresh Honeysuckle Lemonade: lemons, juicy honeydew, sweet yellow watermelon
Another hand soap from the Sweet Shop collection (hauled here), this had an absolutely lovely scent! Yet another delightful fruity-green scent that’s neither too sweet nor citrus-y, just clean. I really look forward to the dessert-themed collection that B&BW comes out with every Spring. Not only do they smell gorgeous but they also have very appealing names and oh-so-cute packaging! If this ever came out again, I’d totally repurchase several more.

Orange Creamsicle Swirl (not shown): lightly scented with a dreamy blend of Valencia orange sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and crushed mango
This (hauled here) was by far one of my favorite hand soaps scents right after Southern Lemon Chiffon. I made sure to go back so I could repurchase every single hand soap they had in stock (yes, it was that good) but unfortunately they’d already switched The Sweet Shop collection out for a newer collection. Initially, I compared this to Peach Citrus (hauled here). With frequent use (I ran out of it very quickly) I realized that Orange Creamsicle Swirl actually smells more like the Nourishing Shower Smoothie in Mango Butter (hauled here) and Peach Citrus, combined.


Coastal Surf & Sun: sunny coconut, sparkling pineapple, undertow of vanilla
This was from the Perfect Summer collection but it’s not shown in my original haul because I hit up several other B&BW stores after that post (different stores have a different selection of products from the same collection). It smelled like sweet pineapples (which I love) with a hint of vanilla (which I also love) and coconuts (beach-y) so basically a Pina Colada. Honestly, I liked it but I didn’t love it. Maybe if it was a bit sweeter, or more coconut-y, or even citrus-y… I dunno’ but I feel like it was missing something. I’d still repurchase though because like I said earlier, I liked it.

Pacific Cool Breeze: jade flower, sea spray, fresh ocean breeze
This was also from the the Perfect Summer collection (hauled here). I love scents like this! So soapy, fresh, and clean! It had a delightful, unisex if not masculine scent (that Ocean scents usually have) that I tend to enjoy. I don’t know why but scents like this put me in such a productive mood which is why I’ve stashed the pocketbacs in the scent Pacific Cool Breeze at my desk at work. I’d repurchase several more of this if I ever came across it again.

Sea Side Bloom: California poppies, delicate water lily, fresh apple
Yet another one from the Perfect Summer collection (hauled here). I did not enjoy using this at all. I only purchased it in-store because initially it smelled like apples. Unfortunately, this is a straight up floral, and I do not like florals at all. I was loathe to use it because I didn’t want my hands to have a floral scent to them so I had the hardest time finishing it all up. It felt like it took forever to use up! I’m definitely never gonna’ repurchase.

Citrus Sun Shine: tangy red grapefruit, juicy sun-kissed orange, fresh verbena
Also from the Perfect Summer collection (hauled here). This had an uplifting scent to it. I liked using this mid-summer when the water was hottest as the scent would waft up and envelope me. This was nice enough (nothing special) and I liked using it at the time but I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase.

Weekend Apple Picking: juicy red apples, maple-kissed air, warm woods
I love apple-scented and everything so of course I had to pick up Weekend Apple Picking (hauled here). It did not disappoint. The scent was pleasant so obviously I enjoyed using it.


Honolulu Sun: fresh island coconut, pacific palm
This was from the Hawaii collection (hauled here) that B&BW come out with every year. Initially, I loved this and even compared it to a candle I’d previously owned called Seaside Escape but I could not have been more wrong. After only a few uses, I had come to absolutely despise Honolulu Sun. I don’t know how they managed to botch it up but I found the coconut scent to be cloying, perfume-y and overwhelming. The more I used it the more I hated it. I realized that I’d given it such high praise when I first hauled it which is why I felt guilty about not updating that post. That’s why I decided to do a “Bath and Body Works Empties” post every now and again to update you guys. At first I wanted to call it “Where are they now?” but nixed that idea since… y’know… this isn’t VH1. Honolulu Sun was a total fail.

Lush Bamboo Waterfall: lush bamboo, island mist
Also from the Hawaii collection (hauled here) this was yet another hand soap that had that delightful, fruity-green scent that’s neither too sweet nor citrus-y, just clean. I wanna’ say it’s the bamboo in this that makes it smell so clean (note to self – be on the lookout for products that list bamboo in their ingredients). I enjoyed using this all up.

Southern Lemon Chiffon: lemon, powdered sugar, whipped cream
This was from the Southern collection (hauled here). My God, this is the single, best-smelling hand soap I’ve ever used in my entire life! For real, Holy Grail status, right here. I couldn’t quite place it at first but with frequent use, it dawned on me that Southern Lemon Chiffon was actually Lemon Meringue Cheer (hauled here). A lot of people think of cleaning products or air fresheners or even cough drops (myself included) in relation to lemon-scented products but I promise you guys this smells like sweet lemons (even sweeter than C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm which honestly had a bit of citrus to it). The scent on this thing was gorgeous!!!! I’d totally buy this in any other form (shower gel, lip balm, body lotion, etc…). This was also the reason I decided to do a “Bath and Body Works Empties” because everyone needs to know about Southern Lemon Chiffon (and be on the lookout for any possible reincarnations). I was kicking myself for not using this earlier, noticing the gorgeous scent, and running back to buy a year’s supply of Southern Lemon Chiffon Hand Soaps. I absolutely loved using it and was actually sad when it was only just half-way through.

Georgia Peach: Georgia peach, sweet tea, white nectarine
Also from the Southern Collection (hauled here). I hate anything peach-scented but in-store this smelled lemon-y so I decided to go for it and totally regretted it. This smelled like some sort of cleaning product. The more I used it the more irritated I got with the scent. I wish they’d toned down the citrus and coming from me, that’s saying something. The scent was so overwhelming that it actually hurt my nose! No, I did not enjoy using this but I will say it wasn’t as horrible as Honolulu Sun (which was just plain terrible).


Vanilla Bean Noel: a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & rich, comforting cream
This was part of their Holiday collection (hauled here) that they come out with every Winter, but I had purchased it during the “Big Sale” that B&BW has twice a year. I ran out of this awhile ago but I held on to it because I’d always wanted to incorporate it into some type of empties blog post. I’ve always loved vanilla-scented anything and everything – and I’ve said this before – but Vanilla Bean Noel is Vanilla on steroids. It was love at first sniff (whiff?) and over the years, our love has only grown stronger, which is why I continue to repurchase it over and over again. Seriously though I loved using this gorgeous scent year-round (not just during Winter). That said, I savored it, only using it for special occasions. Since I purchase Vanilla Bean Noel in any and every form I can find it in (candle, shower gel, pocketbac, body lotion, etc…) I especially enjoy layering it. I love Vanilla Bean Noel and will always repurchase, forever and ever.

Honey Sweetheart: honeyed violets sprinkled with pink sugar
This was part of the Sweetheart collection (purchased here). I’ll be honest, I only picked this up because of cute. I know what you’re thinking “LuLu, that’s not even proper English.” I know but allow me to explain, the collection looked cute, and had a cute name, and even the description sounds cute (I mean c’mon pink sugar? That’s cotton candy! How cute!). Out of all three scents in the Sweetheart collection, Honey Sweetheart was the nicest. I enjoy alternating shower gels depending on the season, and the time of day of said shower (at any given day, I’d have several already opened shower gels waiting to be used and pick one at whim) and over time I grew fond of the scent on Honey Sweetheart. It reminded me of Warm Vanilla Sugar and over time I grew to enjoy that scent as well (even though I used to dislike it, at first). Also, I don’t remember why but for some reason I started associating Honey Sweetheart with Katy Perry…

Beautiful Day: a bright blend of sun-kissed apple, wild daisies & fresh pink peonies
I purchased this during their semi-annual sale (hauled here). I seriously regretted purchasing the full size of this because when it was travel-sized the scent was pleasant, and I could easily detect the apple in it. With the full-size though, this was a straight up floral, and I absolutely detest florals. It was a struggle finishing this all up because I had to force myself to use it. I couldn’t justify purchasing more stuff from B&BW otherwise. The lesson to be learned here is never purchase a full-sized product from B&BW unless you’re 100% in love with the scent. Ugh! In the interest of full disclosure, I did enjoy Beautiful Day as a body lotion (here), and an EDT (here) but I couldn’t stand it as a wallflower (here) and hated it as a shower gel (here).

Sensual Amber (not shown): seductive blend of lotus petals & golden amber
I purchased this during their semi-annual sale (hauled here) and accidentally threw it out instead of storing it once it was empty. Truthfully, I purchased this because the name was similar to the title of one of the books (Dragonfly in Amber) from my favorite series, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (mentioned here). I wasn’t expecting much so I was totally blown away but how awesome this smelled once I started using it. It’s yet another warm vanilla-ry (that is a word… maybe?) scent that just smells so sexy! I loved using this, especially during Winter. This was an unexpected, pleasant surprise!


It was much easier to go through the travel-size shower gels because they’re obviously smaller so even if the scent wasn’t that great, I could deal. That said, if you wanted to stretch them out and make them last longer, you could totally do that too.


Lemon Zest: an invigorating blend of Lemon Essential Oil and Ginseng provides a pick-me-up
I’d purchased Lemon Zest (hauled here) because lemon-scented products when done just right can smell quite lovely! It doesn’t hurt that this was part of the Energy line from the Aromatherapy collection. I truly did feel energized when I showered using this stuff, more noticeably in the mornings. Honestly, I love uplifting scents like this. Unfortunately, they’ve since phased Lemon Zest out of the Energy line, focusing more on Orange Ginger (which I have yet to try because it doesn’t sound that enticing).

White Citrus: an invigorating blend of crisp citrus & water lily
This travel-size shower gel (hauled here) smells absolutely heavenly! White Citrus is a gorgeous uplifting lemon scent that I classify as a unisex scent (it does veer a bit on the masculine side) which is why it kind of reminds me of both Chanel Allure Sport and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. I loved the full-size fragrance mist in the older packaging (hauled here) and I loved using up this travel-sized shower gel, especially on hot summer days.


Pink Chiffon: light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon
I only purchased this (hauled here) because I wanted to branch out and try different scents from B&BW. I knew this had some sweetness to it (aside from the name, I actually sniffed this in-store) and at first, I even thought that it was too subtle. I mentioned before that I enjoy alternating shower gels randomly. After forcing myself to finish up Beautiful Day shower gel in the full size (which was a floral, yuck), Pink Chiffon was a sweet respite. After showering with Velvet Sugar (which was an overpoweringly sweet scent), I found Pink Chiffon to be too subtle, again. Overall I liked the scent and mostly enjoyed using Pink Chiffon but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Pear Blossom Air: an invigorating blend of crisp green pear, fresh gardenia and narcissus leaf, with whispers of crisp mandarin vapor and white musk
This was part of the Sky, Air, Sun collection (hauled here). This was a silly purchase, and I only gave in because the idea of the collection (Sky, Air, Sun) sounded appealing. In-store this smelled alright (I could’ve sworn I smelled green apples) but once I got home, this was a nasty floral. I had to force myself to use this all up (even though it’s a mini). From the description and the packaging, I was banking on this being yet another gorgeous uplifting scent but nuh. Nasty floral.

Velvet Sugar: sweetly sumptuous blend of red velvet créme and golden plum laced with a swirl of sugared musk, pink jasmine and wild strawberries
In theory, Velvet Sugar (hauled here) should have been an easy favorite. Unfortunately, that was not the case. This was too sugary sweet for me and at times, even nauseating. I couldn’t use this at all during the summer because it was so fragrant. I did start enjoying it during Winter though. I’m not sure if I’d repurchase this ever again because it’s one of those confusing scents that like Sugar Berry Shortcake I couldn’t decide whether I loved or hated.


Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom: a joyful rush of cherry red lotus & Japanese apple blossom, uplifted by crisp mandarin zest & imperial peony petals
This was part of the World Garden collection. I’m so thankful that I was at B&BW (for whatever reason) that day, which led to me purchasing this (hauled here). My God, this is a gorgeous scent! Even though fine fragrance mists usually smell like alcohol, mostly (think pocketbac in bigger packaging), I picked up not just one, but two, full sized, fine fragrance mists, as well as a handful of other products in the Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom scent. I know I rave about Vanilla Bean Noel, Twilight Woods, and Dark Kiss, a lot, but this is hands down my favorite B&BW scent of all time! Nothing but nothing, beats how showering in this scent, or just spritzing it on, makes me feel. It’s fruity. It’s sexy. It’s clean. It’s sweet. It’s uplifting. It’s all of the above and more! It’s such a gorgeous scent!!!! I was devastated when I finished up the mini shower gels so I’m savoring the full-sized one (using it as sparingly as possible). Please bring this back Bath and Body Works! I beg!

Oahu Coconut Sunset: a blend of coconut blossoms and exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber
This was part of the Hawaii collection (hauled here). I took Oahu Coconut Sunset and one of the travel-sized Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom shower gels with me recently on my 10 day summer vacation, and finished them abroad (but remembered to bring them back so I could blog about them because… neurosis). I described Oahu Coconut Sunset as the ultimate beach-y scent (here) and still stand by that statement. Oahu Coconut Sunset is yet another sexy scent (like Sensual Amber) with coconuts thrown in the mix. I loved using this on my sun-warmed skin (after swimming all day) and I especially enjoyed layering it (showering with Oahu Coconut Sunset shower gel then moisturizing with Oahu Coconut Sunset gel lotion). I’d totally repurchase this in the full-size if it ever came out again.


I know. I know. A lot of my babies are missing but I haven’t finished those up yet so technically, they don’t count as empties yet and some have been given away (read: taken) by friends and family, and finally, some I won’t ever burn (Cotton Candy and Pink Petal Tea Cake) because I would’t want to live in a world without them.


Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding: creamy banana, freshly grated nutmeg and brown sugar are mixed into a sweet indulgence
This was one of the Fall scents from B&BW (hauled here). I’ve grown wary of cinnamon-scented products from B&BW as I find them to be, at times, too overwhelming. Thankfully, not only does Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding sound delicious but it smelled delicious too! Even now, sniffing the empty jar, it still smells so good! It’s not too sugar-y sweet. The hint of banana and nutmeg is to die! The cinnamon is not overwhelming, for once. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the adorable tiny mason jars. I almost don’t want to throw them out but let’s be real they’re too tiny to re-purpose. Plus, I’ve got way too many B&BW products and need to de-clutter. For their size, the throw on this was pretty good. Love!

Coconut Leaves: fusion of juicy tangerine, papaya and jasmine that gives way to soothing coconut and vanilla notes
This was from the Summer collection (hauled here). Initially, I claimed this could be a possible dupe for Seaside Escape (hauled here) but with use, I discovered that it’s not. They both have coconuts in them, only paired differently making them both beautiful scents in their own right but Coconut Leaves is more of a tropical coconut scent whereas Seaside Escape is more of a pure sweet coconut scent. The throw on Coconut Leaves was acceptable however the smell was amazing! This smells so good I almost want to drink it! Best of all, despite the description I did not smell any jasmine (yuck) in this! I’d definitely repurchase!


All of these candles were from the Endless Summer collection (hauled here). They were marketed as “Coastal Cool” candles and came in beautiful frosted jars (which is why I decided to buy them). Unfortunately, the scents on all of these was too subtle, making the throw almost non-existent.

Endless Weekend: raspberry lychee sorbet, sun-kissed magnolia
The handful of times I burned this, it had a clean, sweet scent to it but it was too subtle. I kept thinking it was a watered down version of what it was supposed to be. For a candle this size, it barely had any throw to it.

Coastal Sun: vibrant orange, zesty grapefruit
Unfortunately, this was a forgettable citrus-y scent. Nothing stood out. Also, very weak scent.

Beach Day: saltwater, lemon leaves, citrus musk
This was a Mahogany Teakwood candle dupe/Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne dupe. The scent was very weak on this as well.

Sunset Beach: pineapple, papaya, sugarcane
This was a pleasant scent but also the weakest out of all three minis. I had to hold it right up to my nose to be able to smell it and even then I barely could smell anything.


I accidentally dropped Endless Weekend because I kept moving it from room to room – in an attempt to find a spot where I could actually smell it (once lit) – and that was the end of that. There’s no way I can salvage it so I’m not even gonna’ bother but even if I could, the weak scent makes it not worth the effort.


As for Coastal Sun, I accidentally dropped it while trying to detect its scent. Fail, on both accounts.


These candles break way too easily. Just cuz’ they purdy, don’t mean they sturdy. So shame on you Bath and Body Works… just kidding! I love you Bath and Body Works! Please bring back Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom!!!!


Dark Kiss: a seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean
This is another long-time favorite of mine. I’ve loved it in every form (candle, shower gel, body lotion, hand soap, etc…) but since everyone keeps taking the candles I purchase in this scent, I decided to pick up wallflower bulbs instead (hauled here). I loved coming home from work to an apartment that smelled like candy!

Beautiful Day: sun-kissed apple, wild daisies & fresh pink peonies
I don’t know what happened to the apple scent in this (hauled here) but all I could smell was flowers and I absolutely despise floral scents so this was not for me.

Sundrenched Vineyard: a full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes and oak
I was expecting more of a sweet grape scent when I got this (hauled here) so I plugged this in the Cinema room and my God does the place stink now! This is a disgustingly sour scent. I’ve since unplugged it but the damage is done as this scent is a clinger, and I can still detect faint whiffs of sour grapes in there.

Vanilla Bean Noel: a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & rich, comforting cream
I plugged this (hauled here) in my closet room and it totally scented all my clothes! I especially enjoyed being completely enveloped in this scent every time I got out of the shower (because I towel off in the closet room). Vanilla Bean Noel was an absolute pleasure to use! I will most definitely be repurchasing several more next time.

Twilight Woods: a hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods
This was already in the wallflower when I blogged about it (here). Surprisingly, it was more perfume-y and less sweet. I couldn’t even detect those gorgeous wood notes that made me fall in love with this scent in the first place. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy about that. However, I shall repurchase this again sometime in the future because I’m hoping that the one I got was a dud (and that this was a one-time thing). *fingers crossed*

Honeysuckle: sweet honeysuckle vines, peony petals and weeping willow
I regret not purchasing even more of Honeysuckle (hauled here). This is a wonderful scent that’s part delicate and part fresh. I cannot get enough of this which is why I’m trying not to burn the single Honeysuckle candle I have until I get a backup (or ten, at least). I truly love this scent!


Finally, we’ve come to the PocketBacs. Some of these are pretty old but I’ve held on to them ’til now because I knew I wanted to do a post like this at some point but I have thrown some of them out (because I forgot to store them in my Empties Box – which is exactly what it sounds like, a box where I toss my empties so I could blog about them later). Others, I’ve given away to friends and co-workers.


Hoot Berry: freshen up with the juicy fragrance of mixed berries and vanilla musk
I’ve searched my entire blog but I couldn’t find anything on Hoot Berry so I guess I never posted about hauling it. I purchased this because it had a picture of cute owl on the packaging and I was curious as to what Hoot Berry would smell like. As it turns out, Hoot Berry had a yummy candy scent not unlike Dark Kiss.

BeeNice (honey berry): fresh mixed berries, smooth honey, and a touch of vanilla
I picked this up (hauled here) because it listed Honey Berry on the otherwise juvenile packaging. I was banking on Honey Berry smelling awesome and as it turns out, I was right. This was yet another sweet, warm vanilla scent and I’m quickly becoming a fan of warmer scents now so I liked this.

Island Margarita: a blend of mandarin, lime and white nectarine
I guess I must have not blogged about hauling this either. In any case, Island Margarita is a gorgeous citrus-y, sweet, delicious scent. I’ve already fallen in love with this in wallflower form (here) and would definitely repurchase. This smells so good that I was so tempted to drink it!

Island Bamboo: fresh rain, exotic palm leaf, crushed guava
Not to sound redundant but Island Bamboo (hauled here) is perfectly described as a fresh scent. It’s a clean, slightly fruity, and uplifting scent. Like I said, from now on, I’m gonna’ keep an eye out for products that list Bamboo in their ingredients.


Pacific Blue: tropical blend of jade flower and white sand
This (hauled here) is one of the Ocean scents that I’m so fond of and it’s even a bit on the masculine side. I usually associate scents like this with our chalet, for some reason. Also, scents like these put me in such a productive mood.

Twilight Woods: a hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods
Initially, I’d chosen this (here) for my husband at the time (who is now my ex-husband) because he’d enjoyed using the Twilight Woods scented shower gels but he never got into using pocketbacs, even when we were abroad. I guess it’s just not for everyone. I on the other hand did enjoy the masculine scent on this and finished it all by myself (when I randomly found it in one of my suitcases).

Vanilla Bean Noel: a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & rich, comforting cream
Just like Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom I always feel great when I get a whiff of Vanilla Bean Noel (hauled here) and being in pocketbac form was no exception. I’d be out to dinner with my friends and they’d specifically ask to use “Vanillia” (yes totally meant to spell it that way), so it’s a crowd-pleaser as well. I hate that Vanilla Bean Noel is only released at B&BW during Winter but I understand (I mean Noel says it all), and it’s kinda’ something to look forward to at B&BW.

….and that’s that for my first edition of Bath and Body Works Empties (I’ve accumulated way too many products from B&BW so they deserve their own separate empties).

In conclusion, Bath and Body Works please bring back Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom.

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