I’ve always loved apples! I enjoy the way they taste. I love the way they smell and honestly, there’s just something I find aesthetically appealing about a ripe, plump, juicy apple. Best of all, apples are incredibly healthy! They help prevent a long list of diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to Cancer. Literally, all Kuwaitis are diabetic and have high blood pressure (which is why it’s kind of an ongoing joke that the two conditions are proof that you’re a true local and is therefore a pre-requisite if you’d like to gain citizenship which is notoriously difficult in Kuwait). Incidentally, apples lower the risk of both diabetes and high blood pressure. Apples even boost immunity as well as detoxify the liver. Apples also help prevent skin cancer, hair loss, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and the list goes on. I’m not saying I’m some sickly old woman with a foot in the grave that relies on apples to heal me. I’m just trying to say that aside from tasting yummy, apples have all these great benefits. Obviously, apples are not magic and do not work instantly. To reap those benefits, you should have an apple or two pretty frequently. Even just munching on an apple can help whiten your teeth, over time! All the pictures in this post are courtesy of Google (read: not mine).

There are many, many different kinds of apples…

that vary in size and sometimes color…

and most importantly, taste.

As such, I favor Granny Smith Apples (green) because they taste the most crisp and tart out of all the other different kinds of apples. I do not enjoy the sweetness of red apples. I also don’t like how soft yellow apples are when I sink my teeth into them. There’s something to be said for that satisfying crunch when you first bite into a Granny Smith Apple. I love the way apples smell, in general, but I especially love the scent of Granny Smith Apples, artificial or otherwise! What I mean by that is I love the smell of products that are apple-scented such as soap, candles, lip gloss, etc… as well as the scent of the actual fruit itself. Also, that vivid green color is simply delightful! It’s just so pleasing to the eyes… or my eyes, at least. I just really really love Granny Smith Apples and except for Lebanese Plums aka Greengage (blogged about here) no other fruit can compare. Aside from both of them being green, greengage and green apples taste tart, crisp, and crunchy, which is why I love them!

I enjoy eating apples as is. In fact, just looking at that picture is making my mouth water!

More recently, I’ve been craving fresh apple juice (green) and I’ve been satisfying those cravings at the juice shop at any of the local co-ops. You can incorporate apples into many different drinks, both hot (I’ve never had Apple Cider but it sounds delicious!) and cold (smoothies). When I was 14-years-old on a layover in Turkey on my way to France, I’d purchased some Apple Tea at the Turkish Airport. Nobody who tried it liked it because they couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that it was basically apple juice, only much hotter. As for me, I thought it was the yummiest tea I’ve ever had and I’ve been trying to find something similar ever since, but all the brands that I’ve found in Kuwait (Sultan Center, truthfully) don’t even compare. I’ll drink anything with apples (preferably, green) in it. Just a few years ago, I went through this phase where all I drank was green apple-flavored Miranda (I love soda drinks as I mentioned in this post here). For a healthier option, add a few apple slices to a fruit infusing water bottle (for a hint of apple flavor in the water).

You can do oh-so-much with apples! Apples help keep a cake moist so you can use them in cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, brownies, donuts, tarts, cookies and so much more! Truthfully, I’m no chef so whenever I crave apple pie, I’ll just get it (green apple pie) from McDonald’s. Plus, even though I love sugary drinks, I’m not a fan of sugary desserts so I kinda’ prefer my apple pie to be plain (no frosting, no powdered sugar, no pecans, none of all that, ugh!).

Candy Apples are always fun (plus, childhood throwback)! You could drizzle them with chocolate, toffee, honey, or if you’re like me, maple syrup! You could also sprinkle them with cinnamon, sugar, nuts, etc… Your options are endless!

You can hollow them out and fill them with cereal for a healthy breakfast!

Or you could fill them with ice-cream or a cheesecake for a chilled dessert!

You can bake them. You can fry them. They taste great every which way! I was a tween at a family BBQ (on a farm at Al-Abdali which is at the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border) when I placed an apple all nonchalant on the grill and everyone in my family (and extended family) thought I was crazy. It tasted great, regardless! To this day, for a quick fix, I’ll just toss an apple in the microwave. Unfortunately, if you fry or bake apples, you miss out on most of the benefits (see first paragraph).

You can cut them into slices and toss them into a dehydrator or bake them in an oven to make a guilt-free treat! I love munching on Apple Chips (I found some at Sultan Center) while binge-watching some of my favorite tv shows on Netflix!

You can also spread some peanut butter on Granny Smith Apples for a quick snack! Incidentally, the first time I tried this was at Pick Yo. You get a little pot of peanut butter and some green apple slices which you are supposed to dip in the peanut butter. Ermahgerd it tasted so, so good! That said, the apples are soaked in orange juice (possibly lemon?) which sadly alters the taste of the apples, but they (Pick Yo people) do that because it slows down the oxidization process (apples turning brown, which is just unappealing).

For something more savory, you can always toss some green apples in a salad. Better yet, you can place some green apple slices in any kind of bread you prefer, toss in some turkey slices (or chicken), and finally some brie or cheddar cheese for a delicious sandwich!

Fun fact, apples are part of the Rose Family (Rosaceae)! I’m not big on flowers but I absolutely adore roses! I didn’t even know that apples and roses were related until just now, which I thought was pretty cool, so I felt the need to include it in this post somehow.

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