CoverGirl Star Wars Collection Lipstick

I hauled these two ages ago (CoverGirl Star Wars Collection) and could’ve sworn I’ve already reviewed them but I can’t find anything on my blog so I guess it must’ve slipped my mind. In any case, I am not a Star Wars fan. In fact, I’m instantly turned off watching anything that has the word “star” in it (for example Star Trek). Unfortunately, my older brother is a super-fan and consequentially has been forcing us (friends&family) to watch everything and anything with “star” in the name, as far back as I can remember. As with most traumatic experiences, my coping mechanism was to block it all out. I vaguely remember a little girl with short blonde curls being fed something by Ewoks (I hate that I even know what Ewoks are) but that’s pretty much it. As such, when my younger brother and I decided to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we were pretty much lost for the majority of the movie. In hindsight, maybe we should’ve youtubed it or something to refresh our memories, before watching the newest one. I recognized Adam Driver (because he’s on another show I watch called Girls) as Kylo Ren, and of course Harrison Ford as Han Solo, but that’s pretty much it. The point I’m trying to make is I didn’t purchase these two lipsticks because I’m a Star Wars fan. I only purchased them because 1) Limited Edition and therefore Collectible 2) Possible dupe for my long-discontinued MAC Relic lipstick 3) The colors I picked up were pretty unique 4) Pretty cool packaging, regardless.

I’d purchased CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Silver 10 and CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Lilac 20 from (which was shut down) in the hopes that one of them could be a possible dupe for Relic (long discontinued MAC lipstick).

I like that there are color swatches at the bottom of the packaging. I mean, I automatically know what this is when I’m grabbing for it, due to the over-all unique (limited edition) packaging but still it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

The swatch on the left is Silver (10) and the swatch on the right is Lilac (20). I know what you’re thinking but I promise you, they are not identical.

Same order, different angle.

There we go! This should help demonstrate the iridescent quality of those lipsticks.

Okay, so both Silver (bottom) and Lilac (top) are actually pretty sheer, with Silver being the sheerer of the two. That’s actually perfect because I remember Relic being translucent enough that my natural lip color was always peeking through. However, I don’t remember if Relic was shimmery or not but these two are quite shimmery. In fact, Lilac is almost glitter-y and whenever I wipe Lilac off my lips, the shimmers migrate to my cheeks and refuse to budge. Unlike Relic which was a MAC lipstick and had that vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have, these CoverGirl lipsticks were unscented (unless you count the scent of lipstick which is a pretty distinctive scent) Interestingly enough, Silver wears off to a beautiful reddish tint on the lips whereas Lilac wears off to a berry tint.

Relic was a grey/silver lilac/mauve iridescent translucent lipstick (I dunno’, it’s been a while, just roll with it). I cannot in good faith claim that either one is a dupe for Relic because it’s been years since I’ve last used it (let alone seen a tube of it) but I’m happy enough with both Silver and Lilac (alternating between the two) as a substitute for Relic.

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