Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Malibu Waves Sea Salt Spray

Malibu Waves Spray For Hair

Have bombshell hair at the beach with our new Malibu Waves texture spray. With mineral-rich Sea Salt to boost texture and a UV Absorber to help protect hair against environmental damage, a stunningly sexy, wonderfully wind-blown look is yours instantly.

Spa Secret
Can’t get away to the beach today? You’ll look like you did when you use Malibu Waves, morning, noon, and night.

Use on dry or damp hair. Work through hair and use fingers to scrunch and twirl hair for a tousled, “un-done”, beach-blown style.

Doesn’t the description sound to-die? I picked out the Malibu Waves Spray For Hair (Sea Salt) from the True Blue Spa range at Bath and Body Works awhile ago but hauled it in this post (click here). Honestly, they had me at Sea Salt. I was all “Yas, B&BW, Yaaaas!”, as soon I laid eyes on it and immediately tossed it in the shopping bag (nylon tote?) that they hand out to customers upon entering the store. It cost KD 4/000 for the 4 fl oz bottle.

Like I’ve said before, I’m loathe to use hair products on freshly washed hair. It takes a lot out of me to go against every instinct in my body – which is usually telling me not to. So, naturally, I did not get much use out of this Malibu Waves Spray for the longest time. However, on my most recent summer vacay abroad, I decided to take this with me (on a whim). While abroad, this stuff lived in my Marks&Spencer Twiggy Tote Bag along with my Kindle Paperwhite (because I love reading) Avene Sunblock (reviewed here), B&BW Gel Lotion in Oahu Coconut Sunset (hauled here and reviewed here), B&BW PocketBac in Lemon Meringue Cheer (hauled here), as well as a few hair-clips, our phones, our sunglasses, some cash, and strawberry-flavored gum.

As soon as we’d touched down in the airport, I’d headed straight towards the tourism counter and grabbed a huge fold-out calendar that had all the upcoming events on it and I’d immediately signed us up for several excursions including a day-trip to a well-known sea-side town (aside from the one we were staying at) which was several hours away. Basically, this fully air-conditioned, ginormous bus with slightly tinted windows would pick us up from our home (which was also right across the street from the beach), take us to the sea-side town (picking up other people along the way, who’d also signed up, earlier) and at night, take us back home. After a fun day of swimming in the Mediterranean, we were all starving so we dried off in the sun, slipped our cover-ups on (dresses, shorts, t-shirts, etc…) over our swimsuits, and debated which sea-side restaurant to have lunch at. I spritzed some of the Malibu Waves Spray in my sopping wet hair, hoping it would make my hair look more presentable (read: less frizzy when it dried).

For starters, this stuff smelled ah-mazing! It had a gorgeous tropical scent to it, like fruits and suntan lotion. Everyone commented on how great it smelled. At first, I couldn’t quite place the scent but Malibu Waves Spray smells exactly, and I mean exactly (dupe-alert) like a gorgeous (discontinued) perfume Dior had come out with in 2004 called Sweet Sun. It was a sweet, warm fragrance, all oranges, vanilla, and suntan lotion. I even loved the pretty glass packaging and always had it erected proudly on my vanity (that and it was also way too big and consequentially way too heavy to lug around in my bag). The fact that the scent on Malibu Waves Spray registered as Sweet Sun to me, made me fall in love with it, instantly! I kept getting whiffs of it from my hair every time there was a breeze <3

As per usual when using any kind of Sea Salt Spray, my hair felt ultra-dry, like someone had tossed a lollipop in my hair. Not gonna lie, there was some slight frizz here and there. That said, my hair looked absolutely fantastic! It was everything I’d always dreamed of it being! I had gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous texturized waves! I didn’t even have to twirl or scrunch my hair, it just dried that way! Best of all, I had crazy, intense volume! It had so much volume that my little frizzies were way less noticeable. Even when back-combing (which I hate doing) I barely manage to double the amount of volume all over my crown. Just a few spritzes of Malibu Waves Spray and it looked like I’d back-combed my entire head (from root to tip)! Then the clouds parted and a ray of light shone down on Malibu Waves Spray and the angels began to sing! For real, this specific Sea Salt Spray was some next level stuff! So, so good!

It held up while we had lunch at a sea-food restaurant. It held up while we went to the Aquarium, which was one of the major attractions at the sea-side town. It even held up in the humidity while we went shopping at the cute little souvenir shops scattered all across the boardwalk. Lastly, it held up on the ride home while I napped (so I could recharge before we went out again at night). As soon as we got home, I showered first (it was already decided earlier by unanimous vote since apparently I take the longest to get ready, out of everyone). In the interest of full disclosure, after a day at the beach coupled with Malibu Waves Spray, my hair was legit, one big tangle (but nothing my trusty Cream Silk couldn’t handle). After my shower, I spritzed some on my freshly washed hair and just let it air-dry like I had done earlier that day. The gorgeous scent was there, the gravity-defying volume was there too, but sadly, gone were the defined waves. Apparently, you really do have to “mess” with your hair to get beach-y waves and the only reason I’d gotten great results at the beach was because I’d been swimming in the sea (extra sea salt in my hair) hence the gorgeous waves. My hair is naturally wavy/curly but during the day-time it looked perfectly un-done and at night (clean hair) it looked less wild.

That said, I love this stuff and I’ve been using it (on and off) ever since! Like I said, this lived in my beach tote for the rest of our vacation because although the beach was right across the street from us, we didn’t feel like heading back home to shower and get dressed every time we got hungry (because after all that swimming, water sports, etc… we were usually starving by noon) or every time we decided to go exploring (the neighboring beaches or neighboring beach-side attractions) on foot. We’d just wash off the sand at the outdoor showers available at every beach (I’d rinse off my body – as best as I could with my swimsuit still on – but I’d avoid rinsing my hair because I wanted the extra volume the sea water coupled with my Sea Salt Spray would give me), dry off in the sun, slip on our cover-ups, don our flip-flops and start our trek (the guys practically power-walking ahead while us girls lazily shuffled behind literally stopping at every other souvenir shop across the way) to whichever place looked most appealing at the time. At this point, while still quite damp, I’ll spritz Malibu Waves Spray in my hair. I didn’t mind adding product to my hair because after a day at the beach I’d already be pretty filthy (you’re never too old to build sandcastles, people) so it didn’t skeeve me out, especially since it was a given that I’d have a proper shower before heading out again (for the evening/night) once we actually got home. More often than not, after lunch or shopping or whatever, we’d go back in the water for another swim. Until just before sunset that is, because even when the sun would be at its highest, the Mediterranean was pretty chilly mid-September. Everyone, aside from all the Russians (who I’m now convinced have ice in their veins, children included) would start getting out of the water around 6 or 7pm because it would be freezing by then. Sometimes someone in our group would ask for several spritzes of Malibu Waves Spray in their hair but mostly out of curiosity (cuz I developed a habit of whipping it out right after swimming). Nobody liked how dry it made their hair feel and how rough to the touch (which especially baffled the guys because “Who wants to have dry hair, bruh?”). As for myself, the results were always consistent. Gorgeous (if a bit dry), voluminous, wavy hair! Unfortunately this was a limited edition item so… Yo, Bath and Body Works, bring this back! Please?

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