Lebanese Plums


This is my favorite fruit of all time! I never actually knew what it was called until recently, when I straight up asked a Lebanese friend of mine, and after searching online for upwards of an hour, he just just asked his mom and she replied all nonchalant “Lebanese Plums“.

I first tried this when I was very young and instantly loved it! First of all, it looked appealing, like tiny green apples or large green grapes. Even the color was more of a bright vivid green. Second, it had a satisfying crunch to it, like biting into an apple. Best of all, was the taste. It was delightfully sour!


I love Lebanese Plums but like I said I didn’t know what they were called, so I didn’t get to have them as often as I wanted. I had to resort to describing them to whomever was going grocery shopping that day. Once my mom knew how much I loved them (like I could legit polish off an entire box by myself), she’d always get some for me (whenever they were in season). Now that I go grocery shopping regularly, I’ve learned to keep an eye out for them as well and much to my delight, I found them at Sultan Center. Sorry for the blurry picture but people were looking so I tried to speed it up. It didn’t occur to me to take pics at home until later but by then I’d already tossed the box, washed the fruit, and polished off more than half of it.


Just like how Chinese Food isn’t called that in China, these aren’t called Lebanese Plums in Lebanon. Over there, they are called Janarik (kinda’ like how you pronounce generic). It costs KD 4/150 for a little box of Lebanese Plums but they’re so crisp and tangy that I’d gladly pay more. When I was sharing the story with my uncle’s wife (who happens to be Lebanese), she recommended sprinkling a little salt on them. Apparently, that’s another way Lebanese people like to enjoy Lebanese Plums. Unfortunately, no one from my immediate family shares my love for Lebanese Plums because they find them too sour. Even my friends don’t like them. Whatevs. More for me.

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