Euphytos Silver Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Silver Shampoo is a treatment designed to reduce the yellow tones of keratin, typical in white and grey hair. The Azulene and Amino Acids derived from Wheat Protein reduce the yellow tones in white and grey hair, as well as copper tones in light blonde, bleached or highlighted hair. Its formula is enriched with olive oil lipoprotein to give your hair extra shine and body.


As I was on my way home from my mani-pedi at a salon in Jabriya, I decided to stop by a Boots store. That’s when I found Silver Shampoo. My first instinct was to buy their entire stock (they only had three) so I grabbed all three at KD 9/000 a piece, pleased as punch with myself. Now keep in mind that I’m no longer a blonde and don’t plan on going blonde again anytime soon. So why oh why did I purchase not one, not two, but three of these 300ml bottles? Instinct.


Ever since I was a blonde, I was on the search for a purple shampoo (to get rid of brassiness in blonde hair). I never found any, so I had to do it the hard way – go to a salon, sit in the chair for a decade or so, endure the smell (and the itchiness) and all that good stuff. Seeing how I’ve been searching for this stuff for years and years, I couldn’t help but snatch these up. Funny how now that I’m no longer looking for it because I no longer need it, I manage to randomly find it. I’m sure I’ll put it to good use, eventually.

I love that I find the most random things at Boots. I mean I’ve never even heard of the brand Euphytos but apparently it’s an Italian Hair Care brand and their tagline is “Made in Nature” so that’s pretty cool.

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