Mr Brown Iced Coffee


Mr Brown Iced Coffee is awesome! First of all it complimented Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips beautifully (which was pretty much all I used to eat for a long time). Second, whenever I was drinking Mr Brown Iced Coffee, I felt like I was part of those Korean Dramas (I absolutely love those shows!). I’d never experienced the novelty of drinking coffee from a steel can until Mr Brown. It struck me as an “Asian thing” and I’ve always been obsessed with all things Asian. I’d never been much of a coffee drinker. Turkish coffee, Espresso, etc… they all made me gag. Mr Brown was the only thing I could stomach. I discovered that I liked my coffee cold and sweet (this was pre-Starbucks in Kuwait). Despite the fact that I didn’t like coffee, I adored the scent of it. Mr Brown Iced Coffee had that gorgeous coffee scent that I love. It also had that rich coffee flavor making it somewhat bitter but sufficiently sweet. I’ve since moved on to other forms of pseudo-coffee drinks but I’m always stoked when I find Mr Brown at Sultan Center or our local supermarket or a random baqala (because for the longest time, I could only find it in Europe) and usually pick up a couple cans of the stuff. If you ever come across this stuff, I suggest you pick up a can and try it out for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Mr Brown Iced Coffee

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