Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips


Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips was the one thing I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As a matter of fact, whenever my family and I traveled for our summer vacation to Cyprus, that was pretty much all I ate. I’ve always love salty-sour snacks but this was different…


Not only was it the perfect ratio of vinegar to salt in a potato chip but it also had texture! These chips were crinkle-cut yet wafer-thin. I’d polish off a large bag of Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips in lieu of a meal and wash it all down with a can of Mr Brown Iced Coffee.


Unfortunately in Kuwait, we only had Kitco Nice Salt and Vinegar Chips which was a poor substitute for my favorite snack. They didn’t taste nearly as good as Lay’s. Not to mention the bags were usually half empty and they were always a few potato chips that were in the process of rotting (regardless of all the preservatives).


I switched over to Pringles Salt and Vinegar Chips and although it can satisfy my cravings for salt, it’s just not the same. Let’s put it this way, my lips were a full shade lighter after. You know, that thing that happens when you’ve had too much salt… no? Just me then? Ok. Well, in any case, Pringles is too salty and I’m not a fan.


The closest to Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips is Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chips (shocking, no?) however it’s still not exactly the same. Texture aside, I’ve noticed that the taste of Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chips differs from country to country. The one in Lebanon tastes almost as good as the one in Cyprus. I’m not sure if it’s because those two are neighboring countries or if it’s the ingredients. Sadly, in Kuwait, the taste differs from bag to bag. One will taste somehow “fresher” than the next. I mean, these bags are sealed and everything so I don’t know how they go stale but it happens, a lot. Maybe, it’s the heat? Also, like I said, they’re usually half empty, and as always some of the chips seem to be rotting.

That’s why Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips is, was, and always will be my favorite… even though I can’t seem to find it anymore (even online, hence the watermarked pic, soz).

6 thoughts on “Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Wavy Chips

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