Summer Moisturizers


Summer Moisturizers are the lighter counterparts of Winter Moisturizers. Winter Moisturizers (heavy moisturizers, with a thicker consistency, chock-full of skin-friendly ingredients to replenish the moisture in our skin) are great for Winter, when our skin is dry, chapped, and bleeding (all that fun stuff). Winter Moisturizers in the Summer, not so great. For starters, they take forever to absorb into the skin – giving enough time for every tiny piece of fluff within a one mile radius, to gravitate towards you and attach itself to your recently moisturized skin. As someone who lives in a desert country, I’ll be the first to attest to how not fun it is to walk around with freshly moisturized skin when it’s hot and humid outside. I mean, it makes my skin feel clammy and greasy. That’s not mentioning the germs, dust, and dirt you pick up along the way. With Summer Moisturizers that’s not a problem because they absorb almost instantly, like a gel. Not gonna lie, Summer Moisturizers do feel a bit sticky/tacky when you first apply them to your skin but that only lasts for like half a second. Best of all, they feel feather-light on the skin – your skin is hydrated yet still breathing (if that makes any sense). Summer Moisturizers are meant for those with non-problematic skin – I cannot emphasize this enough – if you’ve got severely dry skin, then you’re better of with a more hydrating moisturizer because Summer Moisturizers are only meant for a little “light” moisturizing during the warmer months. That said, Summer Moisturizers come with their own arsenal of skin-friendly ingredients including Aloe and some type of oil. Although a Winter Moisturizer might smell great when it’s cold outside, once the weather warms, that very same scent might not be as pleasant, and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Summer Moisturizers on the other hand, come in oh-so-subtle scents ranging from fresh to fruity, making them quite appropriate for the hot weather months. So to recap, Summer Moisturizers during Winter don’t do much, and Winter Moisturizers during Summer are overkill but Winter Moisturizers during Winter and Summer Moisturizers during Summer = muy bueno.


Out of all three, Oahu Coconut Sunset Gel Lotion with Aloe is my favorite by far. I only took it with me abroad on my summer vacation because it had the slimmest and sleekest packaging out of all three (I figured it’d take up less space in my suitcase). Wherever I went, day and night, I was constantly applying this stuff. It felt so refreshing (I’m assuming it’s the Aloe) when I applied it to my skin that I didn’t even have to stick it in the fridge (my usual trick) for it to have that cooling effect. Bar the first few seconds when it felt sticky, this stuff was ultra-light on the skin. Not a single grain of sand would stick to my skin when I’d apply this at the beach (after a quick dip in the sea) because it absorbed into the skin almost instantly. Not once did I find the vanilla and coconuts scent overwhelming, no matter how hot or humid it got. This stuff made my skin feel refreshed (cool), moisturized (hydrated) and scented my skin with the ultimate beach-y scent (vanilla and coconuts)!


These three are perfect examples of Summer Moisturizers. Oahu Coconut Sunset Gel Lotion with Aloe (Bath & Body Works), Strawberry Body Sorbet with organic Aloe Vera and cold-pressed strawberry seed oil (The Body Shop), and True Blue Spa Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel with Jojoba Oil (Bath & Body Works). Unfortunately, the ones from Bath & Body Works are no longer available because they were limited edition. However, not only is the Strawberry Body Sorbet from The Body Shop still available but you can also choose from 5 different scents (Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit, Fuji Green Tea, Mango, and Moringa).

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