My Story: Nom Nom


I am not a food-y. I’ve never (ever) taken a photo of my food and posted it on any form of social media. I’m not about that life. However, it’s absolutely fine if you do because apparently the rest of the world (including my friends, cousins, and even my sister) always snap a photo of their food before posting it on instagram. The closest I’ve ever come was when I placed a few macarons around some Maybelline lipglosses for aesthetic purposes for my blog post here. Also, the food in Kuwait is absolutely atrocious! It’s funny because all we have in Kuwait are places to eat (with a new place opening up every other week). Sadly, once a restaurant garners enough attention and reaches the height of it’s fame, a significant drop in quality occurs, which doesn’t seem to matter to restaurant-goers due to said restaurant already being established as the place to “be seen”. You might read glowing reviews from well-known bloggers but keep in mind that these meals were carefully prepared for the purpose of the review so take it with a grain of salt. Also, our fast food restaurants are a joke. The presentation alone is enough to make someone lose their appetite. The burgers always arrive looking like someone sat on them, whereas the fries always have some bruising on them and the unidentifiable already congealing substance is supposed to pass for some sort of condiment. The greasy, bland, rubbery food is usually not cooked all that well but drowned with watered-down sauce to cover it up. Imagine chewing a bite of lasagna only to chip a tooth on something rock-solid. Imagine feeling a thick, gooey, squirt of cheese in your mouth as you take a bite of your roast beef sandwich. Is that not gag-inducing? And if you somehow managed to get past all that, food poisoning is always a high risk. As such, I’m a very picky eater opting instead for pre-packaged junk-food and snacks but in all honesty I prefer drinking my calories. I love drinking anything sugary sweet. It’s not exactly the healthiest option but hey-ho.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, from time to time, I’d like to share with you guys what I’m currently loving (drink-wise/food-wise), ergo new category Food & Drink.

6 thoughts on “My Story: Nom Nom

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