Imperial Leather Sunrise Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel


I don’t usually stray from my regular shower gels from Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop as they make me feel squeaky clean and smell great, but the cheerful yellow packaging caught my eye.


It says on the packaging that it lasts for +40 washes. Once I read a few key words (foamburst, uplifting mandarin, lemon balm, ylang ylang) I was totally sold. I’ve mentioned how I prefer shaving foam over shaving gel, so I was curious how this would perform when used for shaving. Also, I love uplifting anything and everything so this was right up my alley.


I’ve only ever tried one other product from Imperial Leather in the past which also happened to be a shower gel, but that was way back in the day. It came in flip-top packaging. I believe I only purchased it because the scent had Japanese something or other on it but it was a strong floral scent so I passed it along to my mom. Apparently, Foamburst is a newer line from Imperial Leather of shower gels that double up as shaving gels. These don’t have a cap because they come with a pump dispenser which is I appreciate. It comes out as a gel at first but foams up instantly (on it’s own!). I thought that was kinda’ cool. It’s great as a shower gel and it even made my skin feel moisturized minus the slimy residue (that I hate). I’ve only used it a handful of times for shaving and I find that although this might work in a pinch, the foam can be a bit much. The scent Sunrise was amazing! Overall, I really liked this great-smelling, budget-friendly, moisturizing shower gel that doubles as a shaving gel and actually wanted to repurchase it but I can’t find it anymore in stores so I’m assuming it was limited edition. That said, Imperial Leather have plenty of different scents (for both men and women) in their Foamburst line. If you manage to spot a Foamburst in Kuwait, please let me know ‘cuz I’m on the lookout for one (or ten) because I actually really liked using it.

2 thoughts on “Imperial Leather Sunrise Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel

  1. I have a can of this foamburst but i cannot get the foam out of the canister.I press on the button and nothing comes out. i can shake and feel the foam moving inside the canister. How do i get it out?.


  2. Twist it to the side, first.

    If that still doesn’t work, try rinsing the dispenser with warm water because sometimes the foam can dry and clog up the part it’s supposed to come out from.

    Hope it works!


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