Skintimate Raspberry Rain Moisturizing Shave Gel


I picked this up at one of the cooperatives (I wanna say Mishref) awhile ago because the packaging (and the scent name) appealed to me. I’m a die-hard fan of the Nivea Cool Kick Shaving Foam (For Men) but I like switching it up from time to time.


I’ve only tried one other scent from Skintimate before (I wanna say Melon) and it was quite awful. Normally, I love melon-scented products but for some reason I hated that one. Luckily, the scent on this, Raspberry Rain is pretty good. It also has Vitamin E and Olive Butter to moisturize. I didn’t notice a particularly obnoxious residue afterwards (which is one of my pet peeves) but unfortunately, just like the previous shaving gel (and any other shaving gel for that matter), it annoyed me that I had to work up a lather (as opposed to shaving foam). Shaving is a tedious task in and of itself, so I do not enjoy spending more time on it than I have to.


How cute does the can look? It’s so tiny! That’s basically what suckered me in. So yeah, good one on the marketing guys (it helps that this is marketed towards females). If you’re on the lookout for a decent shaving gel with a pleasant scent that comes in adorable packaging and is budget-friendly, Skintimate Raspberry Rain is for you. It was fun at first but after the novelty wore off… imma’ stick with my tried and true favorite, Nivea Cool Kick Shaving Foam (For Men).

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