Aussie 3 Minute Miracle


For years, I’ve only ever heard (and read) great things about the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, but I’ve never actually tried it before. I kept meaning to purchase it at some point but never actually got around to it. Once I cut my hair into a lob (long bob), I figured it was an appropriate time to start experimenting with hair-care products that I’ve never used before, and made that a priority. I found this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment at Sultan Center. It was quite inexpensive (especially for 250ml).

Like I said before, certain words attract me to a product so I appreciated the fact that those key words stood out on the packaging because they were in bold. A friend of mine swears by Aloe Vera and has been applying it to her hair once a week, ever since middle-school. She called it Sabbar. As I got older, I learned that Sabbar was arabic for Aloe Vera. Over the years I’ve used several products containing some form of Aloe like the Breath of Fresh Air Toner from Lush, Luxury Volume Mascara from Yves Saint Laurent, body lotions, shaving products, lip balms, After-Sun products (for especially bad sunburns), and Naturals Moisture Care Soap from Palmolive (my current fave soap), making me somewhat familiar to the merits of Aloe. As for Jojoba (pronounced huh-ho-ba), I’ve grown accustomed to seeing it on most of my Bath and Body Works products and I’m quite pleased with their performance thus far so following that logic, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy using this product.

I also liked that all that blather on the packaging was presented in a tongue-in-cheek kinda’ way. God only knows how many times I’ve wanted to go Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhh! when styling my hair. Tangles and frizz are the bane of my hair’s existence. Tangles hurt but frizz demoralizes. You might think I’m exaggerating, but if you’ve spent upwards of an hour to style your hair, only to have a clearly visible section start frizzing up, ruining the over-all sleek effect you were going for, you’d understand my frustration. I cannot deal with that on a regular basis which is why I either get my hair professionally done at the salon or let my hair air-dry at home with the help of Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Mousse. Regardless of all the claims on the front and back of the packaging, and all the good stuff I’ve heard about Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, I didn’t have high hopes for the product itself but I purchased it anyway, just to try it out.

The cap is at the bottom. Nothing new, right? Lots of products have the cap situated at the bottom. It’s actually better this way because since you store it upright, the product collects at the bottom. So the product just comes out with a light squeeze, instead of having to flip it over and tap it until the product comes out.

The thing I find bizarre though is that the cap has a hole in it which is only covered by a flimsy sticker label. I don’t understand how the sticker is supposed to keep the product from oozing out. Also, since it’s a sticker, that means that the packaging is not exactly air-tight. I mean the adhesive on the sticker will eventually wear off, since it is constantly coming into contact with water, or at the very least some humidity (assuming you store this in your shower). It’s safe to say I’d never take this with me on my travels.

You could remove the cap altogether, but as you can see the neck of the bottle is too wide (as opposed to the hole in the cap), making it impossible to control how much product comes out. That said, I honestly quite like the packaging. Although not the most practical, the novel (read: bizarre) packaging seems to fit the fun Australian theme of the product. If the brand name Aussie wasn’t a dead giveaway, their logo is of a kangaroo and their slogan is “Roo Your ‘Do!“. Also, a lot of their products contain “natural” ingredients in some form or other that are usually found in Australia (see above photos where Australian Jojoba See Oil is in bold).


The consistency is a bit strange as well. It’s thick but not heavy. It’s moisturizing but not in an OMG I can’t wash this stuff off my hair kind of way (unless of course you use too much). I loved the way this felt in my hair. It wasn’t the best at de-tangling but it did help on that account as well. It also had a pleasant smell. I’ve been using it on and off ever since I first chopped all my hair off. I’m not gonna’ lie and say I noticed a huge difference when it comes to frizz because as I’ve said before I usually work some mousse in my hair before letting it air-dry (mousse usually tones down the frizz considerably) or get it professionally done at the salon in which case frizz is never a factor. I did however notice a considerable growth spurt in my hair once I started using this stuff. It grew and grew and grew. My hair wasn’t growing as fast before I used this product and it stopped growing as fast about three weeks after I stopped using it. Again, everyone is different so our bodies react to products differently blah blah blah so what might work for me might not work exactly the same for you.

That said, I can understand why Aussie 3 Minute Miracle has been loved by many for years. There’s just something that makes this product enjoyable to use. I’m not sure if it’s just because people don’t come into this with high expectations because it’s an inexpensive product, or if it’s because of the fun way they’ve marketed the product, or if it’s because of how well the products performs with a nice scent, pleasant feel, and good results but I really liked using 3 Minute Miracle and I will be sure to purchase it again at some point down the line. I recommend you give it a try just for the sake of trying it out. Who knows? You might even love it!

“There’s more to life than hair… but it’s a good place to start” – The Aussie philosophy.

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