ArtDeco Wellfeet


I discovered this little gem in Germany and instantly fell in love with it. I mentioned it in My Story: Foot Care. The ArtDeco Wellfeet set comes with an Aromatic Cleanser Concentrate and an Aromatic Repair Balm both of which smell absolutely heavenly (hence Aromatic lol)!


I was in Germany for work related reasons and between that and socializing and doing the whole sight-seeing tourist-y thing during my free time, the only time I wasn’t on my feet was when I was fast asleep. I’m not quite sure what chairs did to offend them but no joke, even the one time I went to a McDonald’s, there was no seating area. Basically, you just ordered and ate at a table, all while standing up. I was there during Winter so it was raining on and off which meant I was switching back and forth between Rain Boots, Cowboy Boots, Moon Boots and Motorcycle Boots and because this was Germany after all, occasionally Grunge-y Platform Boots. None of which were very kind to my feet. I had brought my trusty Diamancel #11 Foot File with me but by the day’s end, my feet were practically throbbing after carrying my weight all day.


I randomly came across this set from the brand ArtDeco at a department store and purchased it along with a handful of other products from the same brand. Obviously I can’t read most of what it says on the packaging so I just assumed it was a huge thing of foot cream (which my poor feet were in desperate need of). All I had to read was “5 Minute Spa Pedicure” before being convinced and tossing it in my re-usable shopping bag (they’re all about recycling in Germany). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was actually a set containing both a foot scrub and a foot balm.

The Aromatic Cleanser Concentrate (foot scrub) was unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. Unlike its rougher counterparts the grains were actually smaller and gentler yet equally efficient at exfoliating. That in and of itself was enough to blow my mind. What’s more, it had a fantastic scent! Between the soft exfoliating bamboo grains and the uplifting lemongrass scent, I was completely smitten. Honestly, I wished this was a face scrub because I feel the texture would be perfect for use on delicate skin. That said, I might use use face products on my feet (if they are about to expire or I don’t like them as much or whatever) but I would never use a product on my face that’s not meant to be used that way because I’m pretty sure that’s going to cause problems. All in all, this foot scrub is far superior to any other foot scrub I’ve ever used in my entire life. It exfoliates evenly yet gently and smells fantastic!

The Aromatic Repair Balm was another pleasant surprise. Right off the bat, it smelled heavenly! I know it sounds odd that scent is such a major factor for me when it comes to a foot care product but I’m so bored of mint or menthol-scented foot care products (which is like 99% of all foot care products). The fact that this did not smell minty was nice but when I got the full extent of the scent, I was blown away. The combination of orange and cinnamon smelled absolutely gorgeous! Somehow it was never too fruity or overly spicy as opposed to most of Bath and Body Works products. It just smelled clean, sweet, and expensive (spa-like). The scent was so lovely that it actually made moisturizing my feet every night an absolute joy. My feet were prepped and ready to be stuffed into boots the next day. Consequentially, I noticed that my feet no longer bothered me as much. Personally, I thought it was the placebo effect but with frequent use I came to realize that it was all due to the Aromatic Repair Balm. Not surprisingly, it consists of so many good ingredients such as Cupuacu Butter, Calendula Oil, Lotus Extract, Hibiscus Extract, and Licorice Extracts. It applies like a dream too, absorbing into the skin quickly and easily with only a hint of greasiness. Actually the texture really reminds me of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush. The Aromatic Repair Balm wasn’t just a gimmick. It truly did repair the texture and overall well-being of my feet and it smelled gorgeous while doing all that!


Honestly, there’s something to be said for products that are manufactured in Germany. They truly are superior! They do what they claim to do and smell great while doing it. To this day, I have yet to find a foot balm (or any foot care product, for that matter) that performs better than the Aromatic Repair Balm. You’ll understand why the Aromatic Repair Balm is my holy grail foot care product after you try it out for yourself.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Germany since. So, once again, I have to resort to asking friends and family to pick up a wellfeet set during their trips which is kinda’ awkward because most Arabs usually only go to Germany for health-related reasons. Can you imagine how that conversation would go? Which is why I can’t ask. Thankfully, my father and a bunch of his friends attended their friend’s wedding in Germany so he picked up a set for me so I’m all stocked up for now. The German couple were both sixty-something with deceased spouses and relatively big families and had been dating for awhile before he popped the question. How cute! If they were from Kuwait, or even decided to get hitched in Kuwait, people would judge them and mock them saying they were “too old” for marriage and they should be embarrassed for even thinking about marriage at their age. Ah, Kuwait. I love how this started off as a post about foot care products and ended on a rant about Kuwait (again). Anywho, ArtDeco Aromatic Repair Balm although hard to come by is a fantastic product for those with problematic feet or even those who just care to have healthier feet. They (ArtDeco) do have more products in the Wellfeet range all catering towards different foot care needs but these are the only two that I’ve tried so far. Apparently, the entire range smells lovely as well. If you ever come across ArtDeco Wellfeet products, I suggest trying them out.

3 thoughts on “ArtDeco Wellfeet

  1. Once I could find this marvellous product in Torino, Italy, Now no more. How can I buy it from Internet?


  2. I don’t understand why when we are able to purchase some of the Art Deco Cosmetics here in Australia, the wonderful Wellfeet is not available.


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