Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Wash


Why is it great?

Pep up your day with CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING ENERGY® Skin Energising Daily Facial Wash, with BURSTING BEADS® and vitamin C & ginseng, it leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and invigorated.
Plus it has a refreshing citrus fragrance that awakens your senses!

As far as I know, there are 3 Facial Washes in the Morning Energy range that come in cheerful packaging; Green for Shine Control, Yellow for Skin Brightening and Orange for Energising. Since I don’t have oily skin and I don’t really care for brightening products, I picked up the Energising one in the Orange packaging. I was actually sent a deluxe-sized sample of the Green Face Wash back when these first launched but I didn’t like it.


I was browsing around one of the local cooperatives in the country when I came across the Orange one. Initially, I wanted to instagram this and ask you guys what you thought about it before I purchased it but I couldn’t log out of my personal account and onto my blog account so that didn’t pan out but here’s the photo anyway. If you’ve read my Dove Go Fresh Energizing post you’ll know I’m a fan of products that claim to energize especially since they will most likely have a delightful uplifting scent or at the very least, some type of cooling effect.


Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Wash does not disappoint. It’s the most refreshing (read: energizing) face wash I’ve ever used, to date. It’s not because of the smell; a combination of both a synthetic chemically scent mixed in with a citrus-y scent. My Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash actually smells much nicer. I love this Daily Facial Wash by Clean & Clear because it has that cooling effect on my skin which is super refreshing. It’s not exactly tingly but more like the minty fresh feeling you get in your mouth when you chew spearmint flavored bubblegum. The cooling effect is only apparent when I’ve patted my face dry, after washing with this Daily Facial Wash. It’s not very sudsy because it’s oil-free. It’s also got Vitamin C and Ginseng which makes the Orange packaging seem quite appropriate. That said, the other face washes come in equally cheerful bright packaging, as I’ve already stated.


It has cute little beads in it that remind me of a canned energy drink that used to be sold in Sultan Center back when I was in highschool. Initially, I thought the beads were there for exfoliation but as far as I can tell, the beads are purely for aesthetic appeal, and nothing more because they are effectively useless. The other face washes have those very same beads suspended in the product as well. The packaging on all of the face washes is transparent which is useful because you can tell how much you’ve got left before you run out of the product.


I like that it comes with a pump dispenser. What’s more, you can actually twist the pump to the side to lock it in place. In fact, I’ve actually taken this Energising Daily Facial Wash with me on my last overseas trip and it did not leak. I know the locking mechanism is pretty much standard nowadays but not all brands implement it so it’s worthy of note when they do. Personally, I appreciate the locking mechanism because it means I can travel with my favorite products in tow without having to worry about leakage or spillage or whatnot.

Overall, Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Wash is a joy to use! The scent could be better but otherwise this stuff is pretty great! The packaging although aesthetically pleasing is also efficient in the sense that it’s transparent and has a pump with a locking mechanism. The product itself is adequate enough as a daily facial wash but the cooling effect takes it to another level! It truly does feel energizing especially when you’re still sleepy but you have to wake up for school/work/life. During Kuwait’s unforgiving summers especially there’s nothing more refreshing on the face than this Daily Facial Wash. I totally recommend this for people who want something more refreshing than cold water to splash on their face as a quick little pick-me-up.

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