Carolina Herrera 212 VIP



To be consumed to your heart’s content – Bitter orange, Exotic passion fruit

An exceptional aura – Overwhelming musk, Distinguished gardenia, Intoxicating Rum

An unique allure with great style – Feminine vanilla, Sensual tonka bean, Benzoin


I’ve completely used up my 212 VIP (80ml/2.7 FL OZ). I’m not sure how much it costs because I got it as a gift back in 2012. What with the constant packing and unpacking, moving in and out of places, plus all the traveling, I never got around to using it much. Even once I got settled in my new place and unpacked my stuff, I turned my nose up at this perfume opting instead for my other tried and true favorites. In all honesty, it was the packaging that put me off. I absolutely despise gold. As such, I found the gold flacon to be gaudy if not downright tacky. One day, when I was running late (as always) to a gathering of friends, I just did not have the time to go through all my purses looking for Flowerbomb I just grabbed this one instead. To my surprise, everyone kept asking me what I was wearing and complimented me on it. No joke, one chick whom I’d literally just met straight up said to me, “You smell delicious!” then turned to her friend and said within earshot, “Oh my gosh! I want to eat her.” Now here’s the kicker; we were having an outdoor barbecue in January. I don’t know about you but cold weather dulls my sense of smell. Plus, we were outside so you’d think the scent would have dissipated. Pertinent to the story is the fact that I did not have time for my usual cloud-perfume routine (where I spray some perfume above me and then walk into it so it lightly mists me all over) but instead only spritzed this twice behind my ears (once on each pulse point) before bundling up in my jacket and scarf. Obligingly I pulled out my perfume and spritzed everyone who asked for a spritz. The same thing kept happening with all my social groups. They’d love it on me, and ask for a spritz. For a time, Carolina Herrara 212 VIP became my favorite Winter-time scent… until it ran out, a month later.


I remember seeing the clique-y ads on tv with the slogans “Are you on the list?” and “This is a private party.” back in 2010 when 212 VIP first launched. At first I honestly thought I was watching an ad for some type of new reality tv show. In person, I find the capsule-shaped packaging (doesn’t it look like a beats pill?) aesthetically appealing. I’ve had the original 212 perfume before which interestingly enough, was gifted to me as well. That one was a more palatable silver. Also I distinctly remember it having 2 rounded perfume bottles (one on each end) which I thought was unique. I don’t remember the scent of the original 212 because it launched in 1997 and I’d only ever had it as a kid. As for 212 VIP, If I had to describe the scent in one word, it would be expensive. Coincidentally, a lot of people compare this to Lady Million by Paco Rabanne which I think would have been a more fitting name for this instead because the scent of 212 VIP conjures up images of vast amounts of money. In in the interest of full disclosure, I have yet to actually smell Lady Million. I’m not sure what Rum is supposed to smell like but 212 VIP has a hint of zest and barely detectable sweetness to it but it’s mostly a floral and oriental scent on me. Normally, I detest that combination. My younger self would not have liked this fragrance at all but I actually enjoyed wearing this perfume. I liked pairing it with my comfy cashmere sweaters and joggers and tying my hair up in a messy bun as much as I liked pairing it with my moto-jackets and leather boots and tying my hair up in a faux-hawk ponytail with mini side-braids. I feel it just added an air of sophistication as the perfect accessory in lieu of jewelry, instantly classing up any ensemble.

I will not be repurchasing 212 VIP (does it even count as repurchasing if I got this as a gift?) now that it’s completely used up. Although I did enjoy wearing this, the floral and oriental scent is just not for me. The pill-shaped packaging with it’s delightfully, satisfying magnetic closure although adorable only comes in a cringe-worthy, gaudy, metallic gold which is another turn-off for me. I actually have my eye on 212 VIP Rosé next but we shall see. Again, scent can vary from person to person so test this out first before purchasing because I know for a fact that this can pull too sickly sweet on some whereas it can smell like straight up B.O. on others due to the fact that everyone who smelled this on me wanted me to spritz some on them.

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