Best Hair Conditioner Ever



Shampoos alone can never bring out the full beauty potential of women’s hair. Cream Silk recognizes this and has designed its array of hair care products with the promise of expertly conditioned hair that cannot be achieved by shampoo alone. To bring out the best in women’s hair, Cream Silk Conditioners coats hair strands with an advanced expert conditioning formula for super soft, incredibly smooth and beautifully manageable hair.

Since its launch in 1984, Cream Silk has been at the forefront of developing the conditioner market in the Philippines, providing expert solutions with specially-formulated ingredients to answer women’s different hair needs. It has widened its range of products by introducing leave-on conditioners in 2002 and treatment in 2007.

Today I’m going to talk about another long-time favorite of mine, a hair conditioner by the brand Cream Silk. I hinted at it in last paragraph of this post, My Story: Shampoo and Conditioner (the reason why I did not mention the pretty-haired woman’s nationality in that post was because Filipinas generally have gorgeous hair regardless, so I didn’t want that fact to influence your opinion on the product) but I’ll go over the story again. Back in 2010, I saw a woman with the most hypnotically beautiful hair I’d ever seen. I slowly walked up to her (almost in a trance-like state) and told her as much, right before asking her to reveal her secret. She smiled good-naturedly and she answered all my questions to my satisfaction. She said that she did not use shampoo, at all, opting instead to only use hair conditioner. What I purposely left out (the reason why is explained above) in this post My Story: Shampoo and Conditioner was that the young woman happened to be from the Philippines and thanks to my Pinoy friends, I’m already well-informed on their somewhat strange hair care rituals, (for example, one of my friends skips shampoo and conditioner altogether and washes her hair with soap instead) so I didn’t blanch when the pretty-haired woman revealed that she skipped shampoo. The pretty-haired woman said that the only conditioner she used was by a brand called Cream Silk. I’d never heard of it before so I asked where I could find it and she told me; City Center, but only at the cash register.


The next chance I got, I went to City Center but I did not find it in any of the aisles, just like she said, so I asked the cashier behind one of the cash registers about it, and a Cream Silk Conditioner immediately appeared in his hands (seemingly out of thin air) before he handed it to me. I did not understand the secrecy (I mean this was a hair conditioner, not some illegal contraband) but I nodded after I saw the name (to signify that this was indeed what I had been looking for) and handed it back to him so he could scan it, and I could purchase it and be on my way. I’ve been repurchasing Cream Silk Conditioner ever since. At first, I could only find it at City Center (at the cash register, still). Then it started appearing in Sultan Center (albeit in limited supply). Nowadays, Cream Silk is sold at most of the local co-ops in Kuwait, as well as Sultan Center (the entire range and in ample supply) and also in the haircare aisles at City Center (minus the whole cloak and dagger business). The larger size (350ml) retails for KD1/230 whereas the regular size (200ml) retails for KD/750.

The collection consists of the following:

reCONSTRUCT – Damage Control Conditioner – Get up to 97% DAMAGE PROTECTION (navy blue cap)
reSHAPE – Volume Up Conditioner – Get up to 40% MORE VOLUME (blue cap)
reSHAPE – Standout Straight Conditioner – Get up to 4x STRAIGHTER hair (fuschia cap)
reIGNITE – Stunning Shine Conditioner – Get up 60% SHINIER hair (gold cap)
reIGNITE – Brilliant Black Conditioner – Get up to 3x SOFTER, SHINY BLACK hair (black cap)
reCHARGE – Strength Boost Conditioner – Get up to 98% LESS HAIR FALL (green cap)
reGENERATE – Dandruff-free Conditioner – Get up to 100% DANDRUFF-FREE hair (purple cap)


My favorite is the reSHAPE – Volume Up Conditioner because I love big hair so I’ve gone through so many of them over the years. I only purchased the others for the sake of trying them out for my blog. I used reCONSTRUCT – Damage Control Conditioner during winter time because that’s when I used hot tools the most and I used reSHAPE – Standout Straight Conditioner and reIGNITE – Stunning Shine Conditioner just to see if I’d notice a difference.

I did not feel the need to purchase reIGNITE – Brilliant Black Conditioner (because my hair is not black), reCHARGE – Strength Boost Conditioner (because hair fall products seem boring to me and I was already using the Garnier Fructis Hair Fall Fight Fortifying Shampoo after mistaking it for a regular Garnier Fructis Shampoo), or reGENERATE – Dandruff-free Conditioner (because thankfully I don’t suffer from Dandruff).


I purchased reCONSTRUCT – Damage Control Conditioner in the larger size (350ml) because I was getting annoyed at how quickly I would run out of the conditioners in the regular size (200ml) as I wanted them to last longer than they did and reCONTRUCT – Damage Control Conditioner was the only conditioner I had found available in the larger size (350ml). I will not be repurchasing it again the larger size (350ml) as I seem to favor the regular sized conditioners (200ml) much more. First of all, the smell differs from size to size; the regular-sized conditioners smell nice whereas the larger-sized conditioners smell strange. My nose detects an unpleasant (albeit slight) chemical scent in the larger conditioners that is not found in the regular-sized conditioners. I suspect it has something to do with the containers as I’ve noticed something similar with Bath and Body Works products that are packaged the same as these larger-sized conditioners but more on that in a future post.


Another thing I do not enjoy about the larger packaging is that once opened the lid does not snap shut easily. You have to align everything perfectly for it to actually close with the alternative being to allow air to seep in and affect the product’s potency.


Here’s a photo to show you that I’m not exaggerating and that the lids on the larger-sized conditioners can and will remain open, even while upright. It’s not a big deal but it is annoying. Note how none of the regular-sized conditioners do that, in any of the pictures.


Also worthy of note, the reCONSTRUCT – Damage Control Conditioner includes Moringa in its ingredients list. I’m absolutely obsessed with Moringa (but more on that in another post) so that alone makes this conditioner worth repurchasing (albeit in the regular size next time).


As for the rest, I’m not going to lie and tell you that I noticed them doing what they claimed they could do. Honestly (and this pertains to all hair care products, not just from Cream Silk) the effects have to be pretty obvious for me to be able to notice the difference. In any case, that’s not the reason why I enjoy using these conditioners. The true reason why I’ve loved them since first rinse was because they detangle my hair like no other.

I’ll apply Cream Silk Conditioner to the ends of my hair, brush it, tie it up in a bun, and clip it in place while I move on to washing my body and such. Once I’m done with everything else and ready to get out of the shower, I’ll rinse off the conditioner as the final step. The reason why I always brush my hair in the shower is because my hair is prone to tangles. Attempting to detangle dry hair can be extremely painful. Although it’s generally advised not to brush wet hair because the hair can snap off, I feel like brushing my hair when it’s wet just works for me which is why I’ve been doing it ever since I was a tween. I’ve come to accept the fact that certain conditioners can help with the detangling process while others just don’t. Cream Silk makes my brush glide through my hair and that to me is everything!

As I said before, I used to have super long hair, that in and of itself was a problem because long hair can be quite prone to tangles (unless you’ve got great genes). Add to that, the fact that my long hair was also regularly stripped of it’s natural color (so it could be dyed an ash blonde complete with super-skinny highlights) and follow it up with the fact that I use hot tools and harsh chemicals to style my hair. After all of the above, combined, tangles are inevitable yet Cream Silk easily detangles my hair, to the extent that every once in awhile, I can actually skip brushing my hair in the shower. Side note – my hair is much shorter now as I’m currently sporting a long bob endearingly known as lob and I’ve stopped dying it for about two years however the ends are a bit lighter than the rest of my hair. That’s why I’m using this as a chance to experiment with other haircare products while growing out my hair.

Cream Silk celebrated their 30th Anniversary in 2014 and have consequentially revamped their packaging and introduced several new products (aside from the classic conditioners) to their range which I’m quite excited about. I haven’t seen them in stores in 2015 so hopefully they’ll debut in Kuwait in the upcoming New Year. Either way, I strongly suggest you try at least one of these super affordable conditioners, that are a cult favorite in the Philippines, as they detangle hair like no other!

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