Best Makeup Remover Ever


Why is it great? No more rubbing! With CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Cleaning Make-Up Remover, face and eye make-up just slides off. What’s amazing is that it also works on waterproof mascara. Use it for clean, clear and fresh skin.

Happy Holidays, luvies! I’m going to review my holy grail makeup remover (the one I’ve been hinting at in these posts My Story: Mascara, Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash, Clean & Clear Acne Medication, Throwback Thursday: Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream and Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm to name a few) because I think it’s quite relevant to all the festive events this month. This season especially, women opt for more dramatic looks which means a great makeup remover after a long day of festivities wouldn’t be remiss. Obviously if you wear makeup then you probably already have a favorite makeup remover of your own but in my humble opinion Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover is the best!

I first discovered this makeup remover many years ago in a mini-mart out in the boonies in Lebanon. Up to that point, I wasn’t loyal to any particular makeup remover. Due to my habit of packing only hours before we were supposed to board the plane, I forgot my makeup brushes and my makeup remover back in Kuwait so I went old-school for a few days using my fingers to apply my makeup and only soap and water to remove it. Unfortunately, the soap and water just weren’t cutting it when it came to my mascara. I could forego wearing makeup for the duration of our trip (which happened to be month-long) if not for the sole fact that I felt indignant about lugging my makeup all the way to another country and not being able to use it. Luckily, I came across Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover in the skincare aisle in one of the mini-marts scattered across Lebanon‘s mountain roads.


How to use: Apply to cotton wool and gently wipe over face, eye, and neck. No need to rinse.

I had only purchased the Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover out of necessity (something to tide me over for the time being) so I was a bit apprehensive about it’s performance but I was actually very pleasantly surprised. It didn’t take half a year to dissolve my eye makeup (extensive mascara routine and all) unlike the other makeup removers I had been using up to that point. It didn’t just smear my makeup all over my face like Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Also unlike other makeup removers I had been using up to that point, it didn’t require any extra effort or unnecessary rubbing of the delicate under-eye area (I mean we’re gonna get wrinkles either way but why speed up the process?). Best of all, it did not give me foggy vision (note how it says oil-free on the packaging) or leave any type of residue on my skin (which is a pet peeve of mine). Also worthy of note, this makeup remover has no discernible scent. In the interest of full disclosure, if you apply this too liberally and manage to get it in your eye (inner corner) it can sting (think along the lines of a dirty contact lens sting) but only for a few seconds. Honestly, if you can handle the pain of getting your brows tweezed/waxed/threaded, then this is nothing compared to that. That said, if you’re sensitive, then I would suggest caution when using the product but I’d still recommend it, as the results are worth it. Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover instantly removed all traces of makeup from my face, effectively and quite easily!


I’ve used the cold-cream-method (Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream) to remove my makeup before and even though I had thoroughly enjoyed the process, I hadn’t fallen in love with the Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream. After only one use of the Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover though I was completely smitten! I just knew instinctively, deep down that there was something to this whole cold-cream-method. It was just so very… me. All I had to do was apply it, then tissue it off and boom, done! I could apply another face of makeup right away (which was unheard of to me before) because there was no left-over residue forming a barrier of sorts on my skin. It was perfect for completely removing your day makeup in a matter of seconds and applying your evening makeup immediately after. Over the years, I’ve seen Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover through several packaging “updates” (as evident by the photos above) and although I liked the semi-transparent packaging and was actually a bit disappointed with the revamped packaging (as the cream product housed inside is no longer visible from the outside) I do enjoy the sleeker look of the new packaging.


This makeup remover was particularly handy during my trip because even though both countries are quite small, unlike Kuwait (flat terrain) where it took 5-10 minutes to get anywhere, in Lebanon (mountainous terrain) it took forever to get anywhere. No joke, it takes more than an hour to get from our house in the mountains all the way down to the capital. Add to that, the fact that the Lebanese people seem to be nocturnal creatures that apparently thrive at night, young and old alike, as evident by the fully packed streets of Solidere (past midnight) meaning by the time I got back home (which was never before midnight) and settled the stragglers and tag-a-longs (cousins, friends, friends of friends, etc…) in the guest rooms, left some snacks out for them in the kitchenette (so they didn’t wake me up later on because then I’d have to kill them), I was practically half asleep (because I’m not nocturnal nor do I thrive at night) and in no mood to deal with my stubborn mascara. In comes Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover to the rescue.

I’d apply some of it to a cotton round, fold another cotton round over it, apply both cotton rounds to both eyes, remove them, flip them over and use them to wipe the rest of the makeup off my face, toss the rounds in the trash, wipe off the excess makeup remover with a tissue, splash some water on my face, brush my teeth, change into my jammies, and finally get to bed at approximately 3:00am. It might not seem like such a big deal but to me Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover is everything! In fact, I purchased two more backups before I went back to my country (just in case it wasn’t available in Kuwait). This retails for KD1/580 and can be found at most pharmacies/drugstores in Kuwait (no joke, at one point I even found this at the new Dar Al Shifa Hospital), Sultan Center, and most recently, local co-ops (jam3iyas). This was my first Clean & Clear product and my love for this product is actually what spurred me to branch out and try out other Clean & Clear products but in my eyes this is the star product of the brand. Forget Bioderma. This is “the one”. Trust me, it will change your life. Not only is Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover a fantastic makeup remover in it’s own right, but I’d even go so far as to call it my “holy grail” makeup remover.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Makeup Remover is exclusive to the following countries: Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE

21 thoughts on “Best Makeup Remover Ever

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  2. So bummed this isn’t available in the US yet. I am going to write them, and Target (where I buy several other C&C products regularly) asking for it! Thanks for the review! I have just started using Take the Day Off to remove stubborn eyeliner, and while it does a good job it takes longer than cold cream, which isn’t great for summer here, even when I use a face wash after.


  3. Hey Ophelia! Welcome to my blog (and so sorry for the late response). I hope this stuff becomes available for you guys over there soon because it’s just super quick and easy to use :) Keep me posted and G’luck!


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