Dolce & Gabbana L’Impératrice


Created for the young, dynamic generation that demands the freedom to choose, D&G by Dolce & Gabbana is a lineup of five fragrances inspired by the art of self-expression. Neither male- nor female-specific, the unisex scents evoke distinctly different perfume personas.

D&G Anthology was a collection of limited edition fragrances inspired by tarot cards. The fragrances were first released in 2009, with a promise of 2 more fragrances being added to the collection the following year. Although the fragrances were all housed in identical simple yet chic glass (100 ml) bottles, each scent had a different color, playing up to the whole tarot card theme (which I found charming). The ad campaign showed nude models correlating to each fragrance (as shown in the photo above). Naomi Campbell was the only model I could clearly identify whereas Claudia Schiffer was barely recognizable. I don’t speak french but I’ve translated the names (courtesy of google translate) for you guys just for fun. 1 Le Bateleur (The Magician), 6 L’Amoureux (The Lovers), 11 La Force (Strength), 18 La Lune (The Moon), 10 La Roue De La Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune), 3 L’Imperatrice (The Empress). The other two fragrances that were released afterwards were 14 La Temperance (Temperance) and 21 Le Fou (The Fool).


Obviously the advertising campaign was a bit “risque” for our little Kuwait but I clearly remember seeing these fragrances at Mishref Fair Grounds because even though I had sniffed each and every one of the fragrances in the D&G Anthology line available at that time (only the first 5) and had already decided to purchase 3 L’Imperatrice the sales assistant kept trying to push 18 La Lune on me.
“Take them both!”
“No thanks.”
“This one suits you more!”
“No thanks”
“It comes with a gift with purchase!”, as he proceeded to pull out an all white bag with the D&G logo imprinted on it.
“No. Thanks.”
Honestly, I had wanted to fall in love with 18 La Lune way before he ever said anything based on La Lune‘s cute name alone but the scent did not appeal to me so all the S.A. succeeded in doing was annoy me. What annoyed me even more was that he referred to the fragrances by number instead of by name (which proved to me that he just wanted to push the product while knowing next to nothing about said product) and insisted they were all unisex fragrances (which technically they were). I distinctly remember this specific encounter because I found the pushy salesmen (who happened to be Egyptian) particularly aggravating. He was relentless so I cut him off and told him that I’m sorry La Lune wasn’t selling so well but if he wasn’t going to let me purchase L’Imperatrice, I was just going to leave and purchase it from somewhere else. He wasn’t happy with me after that but at least he stopped trying to push La Lune on me which made me happy.

Top notes: Rhubarb, Red Currant, Juicy Kiwi Accord
Heart notes: Pink Cyclamen, Fresh Watermelon Accord
Base notes: Musky Notes, Sandalwood, Grapefruit Wood

“Succulent exotic fruits and bright pink florals give way to a musky, appetite-arousing base.” When I first sniffed L’Imperatrice, I was very enamored with the scent so much so that I purchased it on the spot despite the S.A. being so pushy. Up until that point, I only purchased Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for summer and alternated between Christian Dior Dior Addict and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb for winter. I also regularly purchased every new fragrance Escada came out with. That said, L’Imperatrice was quite different from any of my usual go-to fragrances. Yes I could detect fruits in the scent but it seemed like the fruit elements were toned down (read: watered down) so as not be overpowering. It could never be mistaken for a juvenile scent unlike any of the sweet fruity concoctions by Escada. It wasn’t as citrus-y as Light Blue but what I found most appealing about L’Imperatrice was that it smelled fresh, light, and at times slightly aquatic. Although not as sexy as any of my winter perfumes, L’Imperatrice was quite sensual in it’s own right; the floral notes and musky notes grounding the overall scent. I’ve said it over and over again, I’m not a fan of floral anything but this lovely scent had me captivated from the moment I had tested it out at the D&G booth.

I was obsessed with L’Imperatrice until I started noticing the random faint whiffs of B.O. which I attribute soley to the “musky notes”. It wasn’t that obvious and like I’d already stated, it was faint and random (not all the time) but the more it bothered me, the more I noticed it until I couldn’t stand wearing this perfume anymore so I stopped wearing it all-together. Several months later (springtime) I started wearing it again and fell in love all over again until I noticed the faint whiffs of B.O. again and it annoyed me again so I stopped wearing it again. That’s mainly the reason why L’Imperatrice has lasted me for such a long time.


You know how some women are deemed beautiful by most other women but the men don’t see it? I believe L’Imperatrice is “girl-pretty”, not “guy-pretty”. Whenever I wear this, almost all the women around me start asking me what perfume I’m wearing which I understand except even my very own sister (let’s just say our tastes are polar opposites) was gushing over this perfume as well. That in and of itself is a testament to how universally appealing (well, to women at least) this fragrance is. Women seem to generally like this scent on me and I must say I do enjoy it as well… until the musky notes start bothering me. I say women but even some girls (late teens) have shown appreciation for this scent and have actually gone out and purchased their own after sniffing it on me so age isn’t even a factor. In the interest of full disclosure, not once has a male ever complimented me on L’Imperatrice. Like I said, L’Imperatrice is girl-pretty. For whatever reason, I always imagine myself at the Royal Ascot wearing an elegant outfit (fancy hat included) complete with a posh British accent whenever I wear L’Imperatrice. So yeah I just spritz some on and start channeling Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. This scent just makes me feel… lady-like.

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