Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection


America’s #1 Fragrance Collection Japanese Cherry Blossom evokes the beauty of the exotic gardens of Japan with a graceful, award-winning blend of pear, Japanese Cherry Blossom & sandalwood

Top Notes: Asian Pear, Fuji Apple, Ume Plum
Mid Notes: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Butterfly Lily, Kyoto Rose, Mimosa Petals
Dry Notes: Vanilla Rice, Imperial Amber, Silk Musk, Cinnamon Incense, Himalayan Cedarwood, Creamy Sandalwood

I picked up this Japanese Cherry Blossom set from Bath and Body Works awhile ago (they’ve updated the packaging since) just to try out. I figure I needed to branch out (see what I did there?) from the scents I usually gravitate towards. I’ve stated this on my blog before but I love everything and anything Japan and there’s nothing more quintessentially Japanese than Sakura, or as it’s known in the west Japanese Cherry Blossom. Practically every other Anime has at least one Cherry Blossom (dramatically scattering in the the wind) scene. Just go to google image search and type in Japan and I guarantee you will be bombarded with images of Japanese Cherry Blossoms. In Japan, the Cherry Blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it’s also tragically short. As such, the Cherry Blossom is widely celebrated in Japanese literature, poetry, and art. This iconic symbol of Japan actually has it’s own annual festival. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, they even have flower viewing parties where people have a picnic under the blooming Cherry Blossom Trees as they enjoy watching them bloom. I could go on and on about how deeply embedded Sakura is in Japanese Culture but let me just say this, Sakura KitKat. Chew on that.

(not shown: Japanese Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist)
Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed by the scent. I just did not like the scent even though I really really wanted to. Overall, I found it to be too floral and too musky (i.e. perfume-y) for my taste. In general, I’m not a fan of spicy Oriental scents (Shalimar anyone?). I did notice that once Japanese Cherry Blossom dried down, it became more tolerable because it kinda’ reminded me of Twilight Woods. I believe it’s because they both have elements of wood notes (just go with it). I set the Fine Fragrance Mist on a little side table by the front door to remind me to spritz some on every time I leave the house. The logic behind that being the sooner I use it all up, the sooner I’ll be rid of it and wouldn’t have to tolerate it anymore. As I got in the car of a friend who was picking me up for our lunch date, she commented on how she really liked the scent so I told her to hold that thought, went back in, grabbed the Fine Fragrance Mist and gave it to her. That’s why it’s not shown in the photo (I forgot to take pics before redistributing them). I’ve successfully managed to give away the Shower Gel (to my sister) and Body Lotion (to another friend who actually likes the scent) so I’m only stuck with the Triple Moisture Body Cream (which I’m never gonna’ use). There was nothing “delicate” about Japanese Cherry Blossom so it’s safe to say that I’m not a fan and will not be repurchasing this anytime soon. Gomenasai Sakura!

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