Mascara Monday: Origins GinZing


Go from wimpy to whoa with our lash-boosting pro. In an instant, the mega-plush brush sweeps up, fans out & delivers a powerful formula with eye-opening Carnauba Palm to every last lash. The result: soft, long, lush lashes that never look spiky, brittle or clumpy. Ophthalmologist tested.


Origins GinZing Brightening mascara to lengthen & lift is the mascara I mentioned in the last paragraph of My Story: Mascara.


Formulated with Ginseng and other lash-friendly ingredients, the lightweight, long-lasting, smudge-proof formula conditions the lashes while building volume, definition, lift and curl. It has Diorshow’s big brush, Maybelline’s malleability, Lancome’s pitch black tint and it lengthens and lifts. In a word, it’s perfect!


I can confidently state that this mascara is universally flattering across the board. No matter what type of lashes you have (long, short, sparse, thick, etc…) Origins GinZing will look great on you!


Quick, easy, and effortless with amazing results GinZing is my current favorite mascara. I’ve been trying out a bunch of other mascaras at the same time but this is the one I go to (my right hand…lol) when I want gorgeous lashes, or when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to experiment and need a tried and true mascara, or when I’ve got an important event. This mascara (unlike certain other mascaras where the first tube is awesome but the second is a disappointment) delivers consistent results insofar as much that I’m on my third tube and still just as in love! I purchase mine directly from their website. It’s not as expensive as luxury or higher end mascaras but it’s not as inexpensive as drugstore mascaras, either. The price at $19.50 (about KD6/000) is somewhere in between. For the amaZing results GinZing gives me, I’d be willing to pay way more than the actual price. Do yourself a favor and try out Origins GinZing mascara.

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