Throwback Thursday: Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color


Who remembers these? I first purchased Sweet Strawberry just to try one out. It quickly became a favorite of mine so I placed an order on and purchased the entire line of Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Colors for $1.99 each. I’ve seen them around Kuwait too. Here’s why I love them. First of all, they taste AND smell just like the cute names would suggest. For example, Sweet Strawberry really did have the delightful scent of sweet strawberries and tasted like actual strawberry candy. Sugar Cookie smelled and tasted like vanilla cupcake batter and so on. Another reason why I particularly love these is because they are sheer yet build-able. Using Sweet Strawberry as an example again, let’s say I wanted a sheer red tint on my lips for daytime, I’d only apply one coat but if I wanted a full-on glossy red lip, I’d just build up the color by reapplying. They start off as sheer like I said making them perfect for people who would like to experiment with darker shades without committing to a lipstick (for example MAC Rebel). Some of the lighter colors that have a shimmery finish can come across as frosty and unflattering whereas I find the shades that have a cream finish give an almost jelly-like, juicy look to the lips. What’s more, once these wear off, they leave behind a gorgeous stain on the lips.

Besides smelling amazing, tasting great, and looking beautiful, these also apply like a dream! They are quite slick and have a lot of give to them, making them glide easily on the lips. The lightweight formula feel hydrating on the lips as well. Unfortunately, because of their emollient texture, they can and will melt in Kuwait’s unforgiving heat. The color-coordinated packaging (the outside matches the inside) is practical and cute. The only thing I find annoying is that when you first get this, the product sticks out, making it prone to nicks when replacing the cap (see 01 Sugar Plum) and you can’t even twist it down to protect it from other accidents that might happen when you are in a rush. That said, you only have to be extra careful at first because once you’ve sufficiently used enough of the product, you will then be able to twist it down. Out of all of them, my favorite is Sweet Strawberry.


06 Pink Lemonade, 05 Cotton Candy, 04 Raspberry, 10 Fresh Melon


11 Brown Sugar, 09 Mango Delight, 08 Sweet Strawberry, 02 Berry Colada, 03 Grape-Tini, 12 Sugar Cookie


08 Sweet Strawberry, 02 Berry Colada, 03 Grape-Tini, 12 Sugar Cookie, 01 Sugar Plum

SAM_2739 (2)

06 Pink Lemonade coral pink with silver shimmer
05 Cotton Candy cotton candy pink with subtle shimmer
04 Raspberry raspberry pink with silver shimmer
10 Fresh Melon shimmery nude
11 Brown Sugar deeper shimmery nude
09 Mango Delight coral cream
08 Sweet Strawberry strawberry red cream
02 Berry Colada berry red with gold shimmer
03 Grape-Tini purple cream
12 Sugar Cookie reddish brown with silver sparkle
01 Sugar Plum plum red cream

Not shown
07 Watermelon bright coral pink cream (I can’t find it at the moment but I might update this post and even include swatches when I do)

These Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors are a perfect hybrid of lip tint (color), lipgloss (shine), and lipbalm (moisture)!

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