Nivea Happy Time Anti-Perspirant


Uplift your mood with Happy Time. Shower freshness all day long.

The thing that caught my eye was the picture on the packaging of what appeared to be a citrus-y type of fruit and an herb of some sort which reminded me of a discontinued favorite of mine from Dove. The Dove deo was from the Go Fresh Energizing line and it had a picture of grapefruit and lemongrass on the packaging but like I said, that has been discontinued for quite some time now. Nivea had a picture of what is supposed to be a bamboo leaf and an orange slice. I purchased the Nivea deodorant hoping it would smell just as good as the Dove deodorant (based on the picture resemblance on the packaging of both deodorants).

I quickly fell in love with the Nivea deodorant! Once it was all used up, I tossed it away and went out to get another one to repurchase but I just could not find it anywhere. It occurred to me that they might have changed the packaging but still I searched everywhere. With a heavy heart, I was beginning to come to terms with the fact that they might have discontinued it. As it turns out, I was skimming the aisles, going through the Nivea deodorants looking for a deodorant titled “Shower Freshness” (which was the tagline) with an accompanying picture of an Orange as opposed to looking for its proper name (since I already tossed the packaging assuming I’d remember to look for “Happy Time“). Months later, I finally found it again and realized that I had been looking (read: skimming) for the tagline as opposed to looking for the actual name of the product. Blonde moment over, I purchased all three (they were the last 3 available) so I wouldn’t have to deal with this again (for the next couple of months at least).


The Bamboo Extract is what makes this product provide that fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling to your skin, hence the tagline “Shower freshness” and the Orange scent is what makes this product smell uplifting hence the name “Happy Time“.

Formulated with caring Bamboo Extract and revitalizing Orange this deodorants smells absolutely delightful! Unlike Nivea Powder Touch which has an awful, sickly powder scent, Nivea Happy Time has a clean powder scent. I believe the Bamboo Extract is what adds the powdery-clean element to the scent. The Orange in this product doesn’t smell citrus-y or tart. It’s much more subtle than that. It just smells so fresh. Overall, Happy Time is a clean yet uplifting, delicate scent. It’s my current favorite and I will be repurchasing this (in bulk) as soon as my stash runs out.

6 thoughts on “Nivea Happy Time Anti-Perspirant

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  3. Hi thanks for this article. Do you have any link to buy this online? I’m looking for this for my sister and couldn’t find it in the shops. Thanks


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  5. Hi Pirasteh! Sorry I am not aware of any online retailers because I purchase mine from local convenience stores (Sultan Center, Carrefour, local cooperative, etc…) and I’ve actually been told off by Aramex for ordering deodorant (Dove Go Fresh) online – using their mail forwarding service – so I wouldn’t recommend ordering deo/anti-perspirant from online stores abroad.


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