Nivea Angel Star Deo Anti-Perspirant


Feel secure in whatever you do! Nivea’s Angel Star Icy Kiss Deo Spray gives you long lasting protection with a trendy, fruity fragrance.
24h anti-perspirant protection
0% alcohol

Again, I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked this up. I don’t even like using “spray” anti-perspirants. I have a confession to make. I bought the Nivea Powder Touch anti-perspirant and this Nivea Angel Star anti-perspirant together. In my defense, although juvenile, the packaging on this stuff is adorable! I mean just look at it. Plus the name Angel Star although cheezy, totally appealed to my love of Japanese aesthetics. I was like “OMG KAWAII!!!!” It even says on the cap “YOU WOW”. Somehow that made sense to me at the time I guess. I might have even nodded understandingly even though I didn’t really understand what that meant and picked this stuff up. Lastly I was kinda’ curious as to what Icy Kiss would smell like as that’s the scent I got this stuff in. It’s an awful fruity floral scent. I don’t mind the fruity part as much as the floral part. This product holds 100ml and was quite cheap. I used the Nivea Angel Star Deo for a few days before giving up.

If you’re interested, I picked this up at Carrefour at the Avenues Mall.

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