MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Extension


“Prep + Prime Fix+ takes on a delicious twist with the introduction of a creamy Coconut, cooling Cucumber, romantic Rose, calming Lavender, and energizing Yuzu aroma. The aqua-spritz offers all the advantages of the original Prep + Prime Fix+, but with the addition of an uplifting fragrance. Benefits include vitamins and minerals to give skin an instant boost of moisture, an infusion of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to soothe, and a lightweight mist formula that helps make your complexion look refreshed and finished.”


L-R Regular Fix+, Yuzu Fix+, Rose Fix+, and Cucumber Fix+. I always have a regular Fix+ on hand but ermahgerd MAC came out with scented ones so I had to snag a few. There’s also a Lavender Fix+ which I happily passed on (without even smelling it ‘cuz ewww Lavender) and a Coconut Fix+ which sadly was out of stock. These retail for KD9/500 each and unfortunately are limited edition.


L-R Fix+, Rose Fix+, Yuzu Fix+, and Cucumber Fix+


Same order but from the back.

Some close-ups.

Right off the bat my favorite was Yuzu because it smells citrus-y. I had to have Cucumber as well because Cucumber is beneficial to the skin of course. Rose… well the name and cute pink liquid suckered me in because the smell sure as heck didn’t. The scent actually reminds me of my Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals (also purchased soley because it had rose petals in the name). I’m quickly learning that not everything that has Rose in it is going to smell powdery and sweet.

I’m going to use my Rose Fix+ first just because I want to save the best which is Yuzu Fix+ for last. I’m not going to be opening all of them up at the same time because once you spritz that first spritz, you have to use it up otherwise it’ll expire… in two years (just checked the bottom and it says 24 months). There are so many uses for Fix+ so I’m sure I’ll have finished it all up way before the expiry date. I could use it as a mixing medium, or to wet my pigments and shadows, and since these are scented I could even try misting my hair with it (even though Fix+ kinda’ spits at me but whatevs). I know it’s technically not a setting spray but I could use it as that, or as a primer, or as a facial toner, or as a face mist. The point is, the possibilities are endless with these scented ones. I’m actually pretty excited to be using these on myself and others (unsuspecting passerbys)!

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