Nivea Powder Touch Anti-Perspirant


Of course they had to discontinue my favorite deodorant (reviewed here) so I had to find a decent replacement, asap. I don’t know what came over me but I picked up this Nivea anti-anti-perspirant in the scent Powder Touch. I guess I thought since I loved the smell of roses in my products and roses have that powdery scent to them, following that logic I would like the Powder Touch scent. Yeah…no. This stuff smells like straight up B.O. in the packaging and also when applied which totally defeats the purpose of using it. The first time I used this (straight out of the shower), I kept wondering what that awful smell was, until I realized it actually came from me! No bueno.

The packaging is actually quite cute. I love the rounded top! It’s also semi-transparent which is also a plus because you can gauge how much you’ve got left before running out. It retails for KD/950 so a little less than KD1 which is pretty decent since you get 50ml of product. It expires 2 years from the date of production. Some of the claims on the packaging are: quick dry & soft skin feeling, gentle care, 48 hours. On the back it says Powder Touch contains Kaolin powder. Hmmmm maybe that’s the culprit. Anywho, this stuff stinks and I’m over it. It’s going straight into the trash and the search for a decent deodorant continues.

3 thoughts on “Nivea Powder Touch Anti-Perspirant

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