Maybelline DEFINE-A-BROW Eyebrow Pencil


• Micro-mechanical pencil delivers precise application for evenly defined brows
• Smear-proof formula wears all day
• Convenient all-in-one tool includes a comb to seamlessly blend color for a natural look

I’m obsessed with this brow product!

Even before the beauty community exploded on the internet, my eyebrows were the bane of my existence. Basically, they are two straight lines. No definition. No arch. No nothing. Even worse is the fact that they are sparse meaning lots of gaps, especially in the front. I hated thick eyebrows because I deemed them too 80’s and therefore unfashionable. Not that my eyebrows were anywhere near thick but as soon as my mother permitted me (I was about 14) I got them threaded on a regular basis. I asked for an arch in my brows but because of the natural shape of my brows, that meant that the eyebrow technician had to thread my brows until they were quite thin as I wanted the front part to be lower than the arch. I picked a Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit in the shade Dark when I knew next to nothing about makeup. I filled in my brows until it looked like I had two very fat caterpillars above my eyes. What’s worse is the color was so dark on me and looked so fake. I gave it away to someone and stopped messing with my brows (still got them threaded regularly though).


When I was traveling for long periods of time, I learned to tweeze my brows by myself. I’d taken an old used-up eyebrow pencil (probably from Estee Lauder) from my mom before she threw it away because it had a brush on the other end and used that to brush my brows before cutting (the front part) and tweezing them into the shape I wanted. I still over-tweezed but I also got into the habit of brushing my brows. Then I was gifted a free disposable spoolie with one of my MAC purchases. After that, I was a changed woman. Brushing my brows with a spoolie became part of my daily routine because honestly brushing them made so much more tolerable.


As a young woman, I lamented the fact that my brows were so thin because thin brows did nothing to flatter my nose which was a touch too long. Also I discovered that thicker brows enhanced the eyes so I tried to grow mine out. I had a gathering to go to, but my brows were all over the place because as I said, I was growing them out. I needed something to cover them up. I’d picked up a Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil at one point or another because I found it in one of my many makeup drawers and decided to use it. I had no clue what I was doing but apparently I pulled it off because literally everyone kept complimenting me that night and I’ve been hooked ever since.


One major problem with these is availability. I go through these like water. No joke, I’m always running out of it and end up getting frustrated. Even when I go to replenish my stock, I can’t seem to find DEFINE-A-BROW anywhere. The SA’s always try to push other brow products on me instead. Even if I do somehow manage to find a DEFINE-A-BROW it’s never in the shade that I want. To remedy that, I just started buying them online in bulk.


Here’s what it looks like with the cap off. I don’t know why this is called a pencil as it’s clearly more of a crayon but whatever. It is quite tiny so you can fill in your brows with short strokes which makes the effect look more natural (read: realistic). As for it being smear-proof, I can attest to that. It has survived Kuwait’s unforgiving heat! During the hotter months, when I practically sweated the rest of my makeup off (lovely image, I know) DEFINE-A-BROW did not budge! When you twist it up, it’s a bit hard and waxy (like a crayon) but a quick stroke or two on the back of your hand fixes that quickly and easily.

The comb on the other end is absolute rubbish but that’s ok because I always (no, seriously, always) have one or more of those disposable spoolies from MAC on hand. I have them stashed in every purse, all over my car, everywhere really. If I’m not carrying a bag that day, no joke, I’ll just stuff a spoolie in the back pocket of my jeans.


The shade I love is called Soft Brown. It worked wonderfully on me as a blonde and it’s still complimentary on me as a brunette. It’s such a perfect shade! I have to be honest though, sometimes when I haven’t gotten any sun or self-tanned it can look a little reddish on me. I just apply some bronzer (MAC’s Give Me Sun MSF) when I’m pale and that stops it from looking reddish. So I wouldn’t recommend this to fair-skinned lovelies… unless you’re a redhead or are planning to bronze up. If your complexion is similar to mine or darker, then I think this would suit you. That said, there are other shades.

So I’ve been using this stuff for years. That’s not to say that I haven’t been trying out different eyebrow products but DEFINE-A-BROW is by far my favorite. I got so used to using this stuff all the time, even when I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. It made me feel so “put together”. Even better was the fact that I could fake an arch with this stuff and fill in the sparser parts in the front. It really did define my brows. It was also the perfect camouflage for when I hadn’t tweezed my eyebrows. I truly loved this product! Unfortunately Maybelline decided to discontinue DEFINE-A-BROW which makes me want to cry. That said, I’m so thankful that I’ve been experimenting with other brow products even though I was in love with this one because once these run out, at least I’ve got something else that’s somewhat similar (in color) to Soft Brown but more on that in another post.

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