MAC Moody Blooms Collection


I first previewed this collection here. I was interested in Phosphorescent right off the bat because it was coral but again I was worried it would look fuchsia on me which is why the descriptions put me off buying Pheromonal, Lust Extract, and Quite The Thing! as they seemed like they would appear even darker on my pigmented lips. Venomous Violet seemed interesting but too iffy and Moody Bloom looked straight up ugly to me. Everything else looked either dupe-able or too wild for my taste. Once I saw everything in person at Marina Mall, everything changed.


Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Phosphorescent is described as an electric pink coral and retails for KD8/750.

I’ve never owned a Sheen Supreme Lipstick before. Even though it doesn’t last for more than 3-4 hours, it does have some slip to it (which I like) making it apply like a dream. As for the color itself, it’s not quite opaque instead it almost has a jelly finish to it where it’s bright and colorful but semi-transparent and very glossy. Here’s what Sheen Supreme Lipstick looks like in comparison to a regular MAC lipstick.


How beautiful is that? I die!


I picked up 3 eyeshadows from this collection at KD7/500 each.


Artistic License is described as a pinky gold with a veluxe pearl finish. Now normally, I’m not a huge fan of gold eyeshadow as I think it’s quite unflattering on myself. I’m also not a fan of Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows from MAC. That said, in-store this was heartbreakingly gorgeous and I just knew right off the bat that this would be perfect for that glow-y eye-makeup look that I love!


What they fail to mention on the MAC website is that Artistic License is one of those gorgeous duochromes (changes color depending on how the light catches it). It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m positive that I have nothing else like this in my collection.


I also appreciate the fact that you don’t have to go through so much effort (like with other shadows of poorer quality) to get the duochrome effect to show up. As you can see with this tiny swatch, Artistic License is a gorgeous eyeshadow and I’m so happy that I got a chance to purchase it instead of passing on it like I had originally planned.


Blooming Mad is described as a mid-tone violet with a frost finish. In the pan it might not look like anything special but I could tell this was going to be another one of those gorgeous glow-y eyeshadows so I snagged this right away.


Again, this turned out to be yet another beautiful duochrome. I’ve already paired it with Summer Honey pressed pigment over top and they look absolutely stunning together!


Hidden Motive is described as a deep aubergine with a veluxe pearl finish. This I picked up because I felt I could use it with the other two, to tone down the look. Plus, I’ve been looking for a decent prune-colored eyeshadow to experiment with for a while now.


As an added bonus, it makes my brown eyes look almost green.


Here’s all of them swatched together. I tried to show the duochrome effect as best as I could.


Overall, I’m extremely thankful that I managed to get this as it’s been a minute since I got this excited about MAC whereas before, I was super excited about literally every collection they put out.


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