Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Shampoo


I’m not a huge fan of Sunsilk but this shampoo caught my eye at the drugstore (jam3iya).


I love having wild hair (think Tip from the animated movie Home) but sometimes it’s nice to just shower and go to bed without having to brush my hair and not wake up to tangles. Better yet, I’d like to shower and leave the house without having to mess with my hair and not deal with knots once I get back home.


I’ve used several products marketed towards curly hair but I don’t recall using a shampoo before. What really sold me on this was that it says “Co-created with Ouidad“. I’m hoping this will help stop my hair from getting all tangled as it air dries, while defining my curls, without taking away from the over-all volume. I know it’s asking for much but a girl can dream.

One thought on “Sunsilk Expert Obedient Curls Shampoo

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