Bath and Body Works Collective Spring Haul


I was all out of B&BW hand soaps so I decided to visit the Souq Sharq branch to replenish my supply when I saw them stocking the shelves and everything looked so bright and colorful that I couldn’t resist picking up a handful of minis. I’ve separated them by collection with the Hawaii collection on the far left and the Southern Collection on the far right. Also included in the Hawaii Collection were gorgeous frosted candles but I didn’t get any this time around.

I was only going to pick up a few things from the Hawaii collection but the S.A. told me that if I purchased a total of KD28 or more, I’d get this tacky-looking bag (she showed me a photo, not the real thing but it was equally tacky). I thought products were included with the bag so I picked out a few more things and promptly fell in love with each item so when I got to the cash register and realized that the poor quality bag did not actually come with any goodies in it, I couldn’t bear the thought of returning the minis because as I said, I was already smitten.


I’ll start off with the hand soaps. I picked up Honolulu Sun, Lush Bamboo Waterfall, Southern Lemon Chiffon, and Georgia Peach. Honolulu Sun is a clean, coconut-y scent that strongly reminds me of a candle I used to own called Seaside Escape. Honolulu Sun smells ridiculously good! Lush Bamboo Waterfall is a clean, green scent. I wanna’ say the scent reminds me of Exotic Rainforest but it’s been a minute (since I last had that) so I’m not quite sure (of how alike they are). Southern Lemon Chiffon smells like a Mojito and normally I cannot stand the scent of mint but it’s actually not bad. The lemons smell so sweet making Southern Lemon Chiffon an all together delightful scent and I think I’m going to have to run back to repurchase a few more of it. Georgia Peach is a sharper, more tangy lemon scent which in store, smelled all citrus-y and great but at home, it got to be a bit much, for a hand soap (or maybe that’s just in comparison to Southern Lemon Chiffon). As always, these are KD3/000 each.


From the Southern Collection, I picked up another Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea Shower Gel, Sheer Cotton & Lemonade Shower Gel, and Sheer Cotton & Lemonade Fragrance Mist. I don’t mind the tangy sharpness of Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea in shower gel form. I actually find it refreshing and enjoy using it in the shower first thing in the morning. As for Sheer Cotton & Lemonade, this smells delightfully powdery clean! The shower gels retail for KD2/500 each and fragrance mist retails for KD3/000.


From the Hawaii Collection, I picked up three mini shower gels in the scents Maui Mango Surf, Waikiki Beach Coconut, and Oahu Coconut Sunset. I was really looking forward to finding a sweet mango scent, something similar or preferably exactly like the mango butter nourishing shower smoothie (so I could stop rationing it). I’ve really grown to the love that scent so much! Unfortunately, Maui Mango Surf is nowhere near as fragrant (or sweet) but I’m seriously jonesing for some mango-scented products so it’ll have to do. My nose was pretty burnt out by the time I got around to sniffing the two coconut scents in the range so I decided to get them both with Waikiki Beach Coconut being the cleaner scented and Oahu Coconut Sunset being the warmer scented of the two. These retail for KD2/500 each.


I picked up an Aloe Gel Lotion. I’ve been swimming a lot lately so I’m sure this will come in handy at some point. It comes in a bunch of different scents but I chose Oahu Coconut Sunset. I wasn’t sure what to expect performance-wise so I figured I’d go with a vanilla scent to soften the blow if the product was a dud. I also figure that I could layer it (as in, use it after using the matching shower gel) to strengthen the scent. That said, I’ll say it again, Oahu Coconut Sunset is an extremely warm scent. The Aloe Gel Lotion retails for KD5/500.


I picked up this Maui Mango Mai Tai Nourishing Hand Cream at the checkout counter to curb my mango-scented cravings. I told you guys, I’m on a mango kick right now! The Nourishing Hand Cream retails for KD2/500. I still haven’t opened it up yet because I’m using another Hand Cream at the moment and I’d like to finish that one up before opening up a new one.


Here’s all the minis I got side by side.


Here’s all the stuff I got from the Southern Collection.


Here’s all the stuff I got from the Hawaii Collection.


I wanted to replenish my wallflower refills so I picked up these three in the scent Dark Kiss as I love sweet scents and fruity scents and Dark Kiss is a perfect marriage of both! These retail for KD2/000 each.


Lastly, I picked up two Lip Balms. The Strawberry one looks like yet another EOS dupe but what really got me was that it looked like Asian makeup (something you’d pick up in Korea or Japan) based on the kawaii factor alone. The Lemon one is a repurchase (check out my review here) and fits in nicely with the rest of the lemon-scented products in this haul. These retail for KD2/500 each.

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