Soap and Glory Sets


Gift Sets are the perfect way to try out some products from a new brand or a brand that’s just new to you. You might get to try out sample sized products that can help you decide if you want to commit to buying the full size product or not. Also, sometimes brands come out with Value Sets that include both the full size product as well as some extras, all at a lower price. You can always find all sorts of Gift Sets and Value Sets at Boots.

One of the brands that I’ve been trying out, at the moment, happens to be Soap & Glory. I keep purchasing stuff from this brand because everyone raves about them all the time but I keep getting disappointed. Soap & Glory products have been available in Kuwait at Boots for quite some time now (I wanna say 2009) so I purchased this Gift Set from them and was gifted the other Value Set but was disappointed by all the products that came in these sets. As you can see, the smaller products are the deluxe sample sized ones (which you can now purchase individually) whereas the the larger two are full sized products (also available for purchase individually).

I’ve purchased several products from Soap & Glory since and have been sorely disappointed by almost all of them, aside from a single scrub. It’s a shame because I really want to love these products from Soap & Glory especially since the play on words tickles my funny bone, more specifically, the names of some of these products, but sometimes the products fall short of my expectations or in most cases, they smell awful to me. I don’t know if I should just give up on this brand all together or keep trying. The cute packaging (which kinda’ remind me of Benefit‘s packaging) always suckers me into buying stuff from this brand, coupled with the rave reviews but just like Benefit the products are always disappointing (if not downright awful). I figure, fair is fair since I review products and tell you when they are amazing, why shouldn’t I warn you when a product is less than, or worse? Get ready for some Soap & Glory “reviews”.

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