Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub


Lime, grapefruit and lashings of salt go into this invigorating scrub. The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing on the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean.

I had hauled Ocean Salt in this post, a couple of months ago, and hated it ever since. There are four versions of Ocean Salt scrub; the original which includes Vodka in it’s ingredients list and the alcohol-free version which I’m guessing is the one I got since Kuwait is a dry country (alcohol is illegal). The other two are Ocean Salt Self-Preserving and Ocean-Salt Alcohol-Free Self-Preserving. It comes in 2 sizes; a small size (120g/4.2oz) which is what I got for KD6/500 and a larger size (250g/8.8oz) which retails for KD10/500.

Ocean Salt is listed as a face and body scrub so I used this on my face…once. No, sir. This most certainly is not something that needs to be anywhere near my face. I never used it on my face again. After that one time, this was strictly reserved for body use.”Lashings” (their word, not mine) accurately describes what this felt like. I know I said I love abrasive exfoliants (and I do) but this scrub is akin to grabbing a handful of small sharp rocks and rubbing them against your skin to “exfoliate”. It’s so harsh that I’m always left with angry red scrapes on my skin after using it. What’s more, a pet peeve of mine is scrubs that “skip” and Ocean Salt, because of it’s solid consistency (sea salt) tends to scrub (scrape) certain areas while completely skipping over other areas much like another abrasive scrub I’ve reviewed in the past (here). I’ve tried taking very small amounts in my palm and holding it under running water to turn it into some sort of paste before application but this stuff is just too solid and refuses to dissolve. It’s just not practical, at least for myself. I’ve tried using this stuff during the summer, during winter, on dry skin, and on wet skin but the result is always the same. This is a painful scrub! Scrubs are not supposed to hurt (this much)!


I’ve had all kinds of bad experiences with Ocean Salt scrub. The first time I used this stuff, I used it on my face and aside from tearing up my skin, some of it got in my eyes and burned! Another time, I used this in on freshly shaved legs (my bad, I know) and it hurt like a mutha’ because obviously you’re not supposed to use any exfoliating products on freshly shaved/waxed skin. Those two incidents were mostly my fault but the reason why this scrub stung so bad was because of the ingredients in it (salt). Like I said, my fault. Also, based on the ingredients, I thought I was going to really enjoy the smell but I found it to be too grassy green for me (like something I’d smell at the vegetable market/grocery store or if you’re Kuwaity, in the veggie drawer of your fridge). I was expecting some masculine notes because that’s what I got from the name “Ocean” or some uplifting citrus notes because of the ingredients but no, I could not smell any of that.


I don’t know who Rowena is but it seems like Helen doesn’t really like her.

I did not care for this scrub. It’s a shame because a lot of people love Ocean Salt for the results it gives them, the way it performs, and the way it smells but I absolutely hate it. I find it to be painful, impractical to use, and to add inSALT (hehe) to injury, it stinks. Maybe something got lost in the translation because they use different ingredients over here (my scrub seems suspiciously less blue than actual product shown on the website) hence a different result, or maybe I just got a bad batch but would I repurchase Ocean Salt Face (hah) and Body Scrub again? Unless I’m recruited by Opus Dei (where self-inflicted punishment is encouraged), I think not.

Tips&Tricks: Use disposable chopsticks to mix any Lush product in it’s pot (to make the product work better and to keep it from seperating).

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