L’Occitane Verveine Collection


After picking up the Lemon Verbena candle (hauled in this post here) and because Dove has apparently discontinued the Lemongrass & Grapefruit scent from the Go Fresh Energizing line (reviewed in this post here) and because I already know that I absolutely love the gorgeous, uplifting, Verbena scent from L’Occitane (mentioned in this post here) I was jonesing for some crisp, tart, Verbena goodness (like, the real deal not some generic knock-offs) so I invested in some products from the trusty Verveine line at L’Occitane.


I’m thinking that in the future, maybe I’ll start showing the bags (maybe even boxes for an unboxing if it’s an online delivery) of my purchases. Would you guys be interested in seeing that?


They snuck the L’Occitane magazine in my bag. You guys, this isn’t some flimsy pamphlet. It’s like, a legit magazine. Surprisingly, it was an interesting read as they go very in-depth about the ingredients they use, their philosophy, and the range of products available.


One of the articles was about my beloved Verbena so I thought I’d share it with you guys since this post features Verbena. Just click on the photo to magnify it (if you care to read it).


I was also given a bunch of samples. It’s always exciting to try out new products and it’s even better when you actually fall in love with a sample and go back to buy the full-sized product because you get to spend your money on a product you are already certain about.


These two came pre-packaged as gift sets.


The first set contained a Verveine Body Lotion and Verveine Shower Gel and cost KD6/750 Both of which I’ve already reviewed in this post here.


The second set contained a leaf-shaped bar of soap with crushed Verbena leaves (which I’ve mentioned in this post here) and a leaf-shaped soap dish and cost KD6/000. This set is ridiculously adorable!


How stinkin’ cute is this soap dish? Love!




I purchased an extra leaf-shaped soap which cost KD2/250 Notice how L’Occitane is etched in the corner on the soap. The attention these guys pay to detail is amazing!




Lastly, I picked up this Verveine Eau de Toilette Roll-on which retails for KD7/750 and I enjoy dabbing a little on my pulse points, especially during our unforgiving summers (50 degrees Celsius) for a quick pick me up! Notice the silver leaf etched on the vial.


I find L’Occitane packaging so beautiful and endearing in it’s simplicity. As for Verveine, it’s a delightful, clean, green, refreshing, and uplifting scent that’s favored by both men and women as it doesn’t particularly lean more toward either one side.

L’Occitane is available at the following locations: Airport (The Visitor), Al-Kout, Arraya Center (Tanagra), Al-Fanar (Tanagra), Al Salhiya (Tanagra), and The Avenues.

7 thoughts on “L’Occitane Verveine Collection

  1. Hey girl! Nice to hear from you again! Glad you enjoyed the scent! I actually first discovered it while I was staying at a hotel too haha The people over at L’Occitane seem to be doing something right ;)

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