Throwback Thursday: Herbal Essences


Hey guys, remember this packaging? I found this at the chalet (yes I finally went lol) which got me reminiscing so I decided to do a Throwback Thursday series featuring old-school brands (Herbal Essences for example) or old-school products.


Check out the old-school logo.


Infused with Hawaiian Hibiscus extract and Coconut extract. Does that sound familiar?


That’s because it got upgraded to this; The Hello Hydration line consists of a fusion of Hawaiian Coconut and Orchid extracts. This also happens to be the current packaging of Herbal Essences products (in Kuwait at least).


These are some of the other products in that same line; Shampoo, Conditioner, 2-in-1 (Shampoo & Conditioner which we don’t have in Kuwait). As I’ve mentioned in this post here, I kept repurchasing products from the Hello Hydration line (even before it was known as Hello Hydration) because it smells great and feels like it resuscitates my abused hair (I used to dye my hair regularly and I only use extreme heat to style it, so it was pretty beat up).


Which reminded me of another favorite from Herbal Essences, the Fruit Fusions line. Does anyone else remember those? Those are what sparked my ongoing love affair with Herbal Essences!


The ones that came in the purple packaging (except I don’t remember any berries being on it, aside from the logo) were my favorite! I remember that mom had purchased these from the local co-op (cooperative, ja3miyah, supermarket) and I’d fallen in love with them shortly after. This is the single best smelling hair care product I’ve ever used in my life! I was so sad when I couldn’t find those in stores anymore, for the longest time. Garnier Fructis softened the blow with it’s delightful apple scented hair products but I was always on the look-out for the Fruit Fusions line.


Until one day when these started popping up all over Kuwait. The only similarities with the old Herbal Essences and the newly revamped ones was that they all smelled fantastic! With the newer ones, each line targeted a specific need, for example the Hello Hydration line was for dry and damaged hair, and so on. The packaging was very different as well, curving to the side, designed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was also bright, colorful, and fun!


My favorite was the the Drama Clean line because the tagline was “hair so clean it squeaks!” or something to that effect. Also the scent (which lasted in my hair long after I was out of the shower) included green tea and citrus blossom extracts which smelled amaaaaazing! The main reason I loved this so much was because I felt it removed build-up (hair product residue from mousse, spray, etc…) and my hair really did squeak when I’d run a finger across it after using the Drama Clean shampoo. Sadly, they discontinued it so I switched to the Dazzling Shine shampoo in hopes that it’ll be the same experience (’cause both shampoo bottles are green! Logic!) but honestly, even though it’s pretty good, it’s just not the same (neither scent-wise nor performance-wise). I’ll use Dazzling Shine shampoo when I’m not using the Hello Hydration shampoo or any random Garnier Fructis shampoo as I’ve already mentioned in this post here and that’s that for the first installment of Throwback Thursday featuring Herbal Essences.

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