MAC Proenza Schouler Collection


I had decided that I wasn’t going to get anything when I previewed this collection here. I did not follow up with the MAC people to know when this collection would arrive. I didn’t even care to leave my number at any MAC store (to be on the mass forward text list) once this collection actually got here. So I was completely caught off-guard once I saw the Proenza Schouler Collection display at one of the many MAC stores in Kuwait. In real life, the gradient packaging was absolutely beautiful! I only picked up 2 items from this collection which also happen to part of the permanent line (meaning you can purchase them at any time, minus the limited edition packaging).


I picked up a Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in the shade Dynamo because it looked like such a fun shade (regardless of the boring name). Dynamo retails for KD9/750.


Dynamo is described as a bright peony. All I saw was coral (if you follow my blog you’ll know I’m obsessed with coral) so my immediate thought was “<3


Girls, this is not just your regular run-of-the-mill coral. Dynamo is a neon coral!


Dynamo is smooth, true to color, and opaque in one pass so you don’t have to run it back and forth over and over again, practically tearing your lips just to get any color to transfer (as opposed to other waxier lip pencils). The strange thing is Dynamo feels almost like a lip stain (sticky and then drying) for a few seconds, before it sets. It’ll feel sticky and even make your lips stick together if you rub your lips against each other. Once it sets, it’ll feel really drying on the lips so if you rub your lips together, it’ll become bitty and start to crumble off. It doesn’t hold up as a base under lipgloss (at least not for me) which is what I initially wanted it for. That said, I don’t care. This could be the single worst lip liner in the world and I still wouldn’t care because it’s a NEON CORAL! It looks beautiful on me and whether you are darker or fairer than I this will look beautiful on you too!


I also picked up a Nail Lacquer in the shade Nocturnelle. Nocturnelle retails for KD6/750.


Nocturnelle is described as black as night with a cream finish.


This is pretty much a basic (lol) black and even though I own a handful of black nail polishes, they all have shimmer in them so a decent black with a cream finish has been on my wishlist for a while. The formula isn’t the best but in comparison to other MAC polishes, this is pretty good. The gorgeous limited edition packaging doesn’t hurt either.

As I’ve said, both products are available in the permanent line.

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