MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection


I first previewed this collection here and showed you a sneak peek of what I hauled here.


First I picked up a bronzing powder in Refined Golden. As I’ve mentioned before, Refined Golden is part of the permanent line and I’ve actually had my eye on it for quite some time but I was in no hurry to get it (reasoning that I could always just buy it later) until this collection with it’s gorgeous packaging came along.


MAC really has outdone themselves with the packaging! I’d even go so far as to say that it’s my favorite packaging of any makeup collection ever!


Look at those raised water droplets! How beautiful is that?


Even the back/bottom looks all shiny and sleek!


MAC describes Refined Golden as a finely spun golden with soft pearl but I’d describe it as an orange-based bronze with some shimmer.


I’ve tried to capture the shimmer as best as I could but it’s still barely noticeable.


Here’s a blurry picture (which makes the shimmer easier to see).


The shimmer is what lightens up the shade considerably, as I’ve explained before.


Here’s a heavy un-blended swatch of Refined Golden.


Here’s what it looks like once it’s blended out properly (the power of blending!). It looks all sheen-y and beautiful on my skin.


On one hand, I hate that this looks so shimmery and glittery making it a bit much, at least for me. On the other hand, I really like the fact that it’s so sheen-y and actually quite flattering on my sallow skin. One thing I’ve noticed when using this is that because this bronzing powder is so soft, it’s quite prone to fall-out. Normally I roll my eyes when people say that about a powder product. “Oh this blush is powdery” or “Oh this bronzer is powdery” ‘cuz I’m usually thinking “Well, duh. It is a powder product after all.” but honestly you guys, this bronzer is quite powdery which is strange because it applies patchily, when you’d think it’d be the opposite. Like most bronzers, this has the potential to make you look “dirty” or “muddy” if not blended out correctly. I wanna say this will work for you if your skin tone is similar to mine or darker but I’m not really an expert when it comes to shimmery bronzers.


At first I was seriously thinking about getting all 6 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows but seeing as how I’ve never used one before (these could just as easily be a major fail, as a major win) so I decided to only purchase one, banking on MAC being MAC and re-releasing these again at some point (*which they did, only recently).


Again, the packaging is heartbreakingly gorgeous!


The imprint is exactly the same on this Extra Dimension Eyeshadow as it was on the Extra Dimension Skinfinish (which I’ve reviewed here). The texture is the same as well, obviously.


Legendary Lure is described as a deep cerulean. On me, this looks like a metallic, shimmery green (which I thought was a silver, when I first got this). The shimmer is spread out evenly, giving an almost “wet” look to the eyes which I absolutely love!


I see why this color was included in the Alluring Aquatic Collection. It looks like an ordinary color but it’s anything but. In certain lighting, it can look like a taupe-y gunmetal grey. When blended out, it’s a tarnished (almost silver) shimmery olive. In other lighting, it looks like gorgeous iridescent-y mermaid’s tail green! Legendary Lure is such a special shade!


Here’s another swatch of both Refined Golden and Legendary Lure side by side.


You can purchase Refined Golden Bronzing Powder and Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow (* 18 Extra Dimension Eyeshadow shades available) from MAC as they are both part of the permanent line (and come in MAC’s standard all black packaging).

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