MAC Summer Honey Pressed Pigment


A favourite of our makeup Artists, M∙A∙C Pressed Pigment takes eye shadow to another level with its advanced technology. Now in nine sophisticated new shades, go bold with the rich, blue colour of Midnight or glamorous in stunning Black Grape. For a softer look try Pink Pepper or the glow of Summer Honey.


Summer Honey Pressed Pigment (KD10/250) is described as a pastel coral. I chose this specific shade because both the name and the shade evoked delightful imagery. It kinda’ reminded me of MAC’s Naturally Collection which I’ve reviewed here. I figured Summer Honey, not unlike Summer Haze, would be great for that glowy-eyed look that I love so much.


I couldn’t swatch it in-store because they didn’t have any testers (because…Kuwait) so I bought it anyway because in the pan it looked like it had some orange in it.


Here’s a heart-shaped swatch of Summer Honey. On my skin, the orange/copper/etc… (pastel coral) isn’t apparent.

Here’s the same swatch with different lighting and angles. It’s looks so gorgeous and glowy! This has a metallic finish which can be problematic but it’s also kinda’ sheer so maybe that’ll make it easier to work with. Once again, if you want a more pigmented result, just apply this with a wet brush. I figure I could use this as a topper over lighter eyeshadows.

Honestly, I haven’t worn this out yet because I’m waiting for the perfect occasion (a special event of some sort) as I’m worried about this looking OTT if worn at the wrong time and place (for example, during the daytime, or while grocery shopping, etc…). That’s not to say some of the girls who show up to Al-Bidaa for coffee during noon dressed like they are going out clubbing don’t look absolutely stunning with their blinged out everything but it’s just not my thing. On the other hand, if I wait too long for the right moment (the stars to be in perfect alignment, etc…) I might never get to wear this so maybe I should just go for it regardless.

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