MAC By Request Collection


You voted. We listened. M•A•C By Request is back for a second year! What’s old is new again, and the most beloved shades from the 90s and 2000s have returned for an encore performance. M•A•C is bringing back highly-requested retro-classic, long-lost lipsticks and eye shadows. Starting on July 8th— vote on Facebook for your favorite shades and the six (3 lipsticks and 3 shadows) with most votes will return in Spring 2014. Exclusively Online.


As soon as this was in stock, I did not risk waiting and quickly placed an order at the online MAC store. From the get-go, I had my heart set on Butterscotch (matte warm beige) circa pre-1990. I was a bit wary because this was described as a beige, but I figure if I missed out on this now, and it turned out to be great, I’d be kicking myself forever, because who knows when and if I’ll even get another chance to do so (the limited edition conundrum). Also, the name and the shade were just too cute for me to pass up. Plus, it was a matte. A neutral shade with a matte finish can definitely be put to good use, as opposed to brights or neons.


Now I gotta’ be honest with you, I do not wear matte eyeshadows. Ever since I was young, I felt matte eyeshadows were unflattering and unforgiving. That is, until I discovered matte squared (it’s actually a little 2 next to the word matte, on the back) eyeshadows from MAC. They are soft as buttah, blend like a dream, and are extremely friendly (they play very well with other shadows, even non-MAC ones). Butterscotch feels and performs exactly like a matte squared! It’s ultra-soft, easily blendable, and works well when paired with other shadows. Even though MAC describes this as a matte, as far as I’m concerned, the finish on Butterscotch is matte squared.


Butterscotch compliments by sallow skin beautifully! It’s described as a beige but it leans yellow. If you’re much darker than I am, this can look white on you and if you’re much lighter than I am, this can look straight up yellow (if not orange). Either way, putting down a decent primer or base of some sort beforehand can give you the true-to-pan color. I love how it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any eyeshadow yet it evens out my skintone while covering up the veining and any discoloration on the lids without highlighting any imperfections (i.e. fine wrinkles). It’s perfect on it’s own, or as a base (for other colors), or even as an inner corner and brown-bone highlight. You can use it for a cut-crease look, with another darker neutral (for example, taupe) in the crease or a colorful bright shade (for example, coral) in the crease. You can also use it to blend out colors and tie the whole look together especially when going for a warm eye look (for example golds, brown, or even copper). My favorite way to wear Butterscotch is all over the crease on it’s own and seriously winging out my liner for a dramatic liner look. I’m so pleased with Butterscotch and the way it performs!

Butterscotch ($16) is still available for purchase at the MAC website here. Just make sure to click the second tab that reads Limited Edition, and you will find it (next to last).

Do you already own Butterscotch?

If so, how do you like it? If not, are you interested in trying it?

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