Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage


Reverse 1 year of Damage in just 3 washes!
Continuous exposure to sun, pollution, dirt & dust spoils your hair making it lifeless and prone to breakage. Reverse 1 year of Damage in just 3 washes with the revolutionary Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage range with Amla and active fruit concentrates.
*Instrumental tests shampoo + conditioner + serum – 3 applications per week. Softness and hair fiber surface state evaluation.


What they say (on the back):

Start rewinding time on your hair damage*

Enriched with Keraphyll and Amla Fruit Oil, this powerful formula repairs hair from inside out & seals in damage cracks.

It’s secret
A double action to repair damaged, lifeless hair:

On the inside: the formula penetrates into the hair to fill in cracks caused by damage. Hair is strengthened from inside out.

On the outside: the formula seals the cuticle. Shine is revealed, hair is uniformly smooth through lengths.

Results: Repair Hair Damage*
Hair is stronger from root to tip. 10X stronger lengths, fewer split ends**


What they say (on the back):


Sensitized by aggressive brushing, heat appliances, chemical treatments, your hair is damaged, split ends occur.

Daily care for split end problems
Enriched with Amla Fruit Oil, formula works to transform split ends into healthy-looking hair. It seals and binds split ends together. Shine is revealed, hair is uniformly smooth from root to tip.

Results: Reverse one year of damage in 1 week**
70% fewer split eneds*. Hair looks smooth, shiny and healthy.

I only purchased these two because the release of the Goodbye Damage line coincided with the release of the Damage Erasure line and the similar orange packaging led me to believe they are one and the same (clearly, they’re not). Also I enjoy trying new stuff out and I actually like a lot of Garnier Fructis products. That said, I’ve been holding off on using the shampoo because I was trying to completely finish up a huge thing of shampoo which also happens to be from Garnier.

I’ve used the Goodbye Damage Shampoo a handful of times now but not consecutively so no noticeable difference but I wasn’t expecting any in the first place. As for the Split-Ends Bandage Serum, I’m using it off and on, and enjoy the way it smells so far. For a minute there I had flashbacks of myself as a kid being held hostage by my mom while she applied Dabur Amla Oil and man oh man did I absolutely hate the way that stuff smelled but thankfully this smells nothing like that.

Amla Fruit Oil is a dead giveaway, as is the sentence structure on sticker the on the back and the choice of words (spoiled) but after a not so thorough inspection my suspicions were confirmed; it reads “Made in India” on the back of the shampoo, nothing on the serum, and “Made in Germany” on the back of the serum’s packaging (box). Not that that has any bearing on anything and no, I’m not a Grammar Nazi clearly based on my run-on sentences alone ;)

Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Strengthening Shampoo (175 ml) costs about 700 fils whereas the Garnier Fructis Split-End Bandage Serum (50 ml) costs about 300 fils. Basically you can purchase both products for 1 Kuwaiti Dinar but prices are subject to change depending on which co-op (jam3iyah) you purchase from.

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