Haul: Bath and Body Works World Garden Collection


Experience the joyful rush of cherry red lotus & Japanese apple blossom, uplifted by crisp mandarin zest & imperial peony petals.

Initially I was totally gonna skip this entire collection purely based on my dislike of the arabesque packaging. While picking up some new jeans at American Eagle, I figured “Eh, what the hey? It’s only down the corner.” So I popped in to the Marina Mall branch of Bath & Body Works and promptly fell in love with the Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom scent. Deciding to be good, I only picked up a single fine fragrance mist. The next day, I was admitted to the hospital for a couple of days and this was one of the things with me in my overnight bag. A week was more than enough time for me to fall even deeper in love with the Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom scent. As soon as I was able to I hotfooted it back to Bath & Body Works to snap up some more products in this gorgeous scent.


Anticipating the running out of the fine fragrance mist in the near future due to my over-zealous spraying, I picked another one. These retail for KD6/000 each


The full size shower gel retails for KD4/750


I got two more travel-sized shower gels and two travel-sized body lotions. The minis retail for KD2/500 each.


Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom is not the usual scent I gravitate towards. It’s not a gourmand scent. It’s not particularly overly sweet nor fruity although it does have hints of both. It does smell fresh and uplifting but again not overly so (like a flat-out lemon or verbena scent for example). It also smells a bit masculine, just a bit. Describing scents makes me feel so pretentious. Ugh! That said whether I’m working up a lather in the shower using the shower gel, or I’m slathering on the moisturizer or spritzing on the fragrance mist, this delicious scent just makes me smile. Not once have I gotten sick of it. Whereas some scents can get too sweet, too herbal-y, too whatever, this particular scent is never too anything. To me this just smells so sexy! Yes. I went there.

Top Notes: Blue Iris, Boysenberry, White Peach, Cherry Red Lotus, Mandarin Zest
Mid Notes: White Magnolia, Peony Petals, Japanese Apple Blossom
Dry Notes: Sandalwood, Teakwood

Now I know what you’re thinking, “LuLu, why even bring this up at all since it’s limited edition? That’s just mean!” I’ll tell you why, because in less than a month, B&BW are going to have their big sale (bi-annual sale?) where they bring out limited edition items that they have stashed away. So if you spot this, grab it!

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