Mascara Monday: MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash


Where three dimension ends, Extreme Dimension begins, and lashes take on superb scale, structure and sweep. Modern mascara innovation is delivered in M·A·C’s lightweight whipped formula that saturates from root to tip, enhancing volume, creating curl and extending length, while conditioning for softness and flexibility. Results in highly defined lashes that are clump-resistant, non-flaking and non-smudging. The deep shade of Black Extreme amps up the intensity.


I searched every single MAC store in Kuwait for this mascara but never found anyone who had even heard of it. I practically stalked the MAC stores in more popular locations while constantly calling the MAC stores in not so accessible locations every other week. I’d be having dinner at L’Entrecôte with a cousin when I’d mention all nonchalant that I have to make a quick stop at the MAC store. “But LuLu, that’s all the way across the mall!” “Exactly! So let’s not waste any time and get going.” Another time I’d be at the movies with a friend, and immediately after the movie I’d run and drag her with me to MAC to see if they had this in stock. Or I’d be grocery shopping at Sultan Center at Souq Sharq and as soon as I was done, I’d load the car, get in, and drive all the way back to the main entrance just so I could pop in to the MAC store.

Me: Hi! Excuse me can you please help me? I’m looking for In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara.
Sales Assistant: *deer caught in headlights look*
Me: Oh-kay then.

So yeah, bit excessive but I kinda went crazy and did all that… FOR TWO YEARS!!!! Then I got the bright idea to actually order it from the online MAC store. Problem solved, right? No. As more time passed my expectations grew, and grew, and grew some more until finally I was expecting this mascara to be “the one”, my holy grail, the best of the best.

It wasn’t. You see the lashes of the model in the promo shot above? That’s what this mascara did to my lashes. One long lash, two mid-length, and one short lash, one long, two mid-length, one short, one long, two mid-length, and one short lash, and so on. Yeah… no.


The packaging is beautiful kinda’ like a cross between an art mannequin, sports water bottle, and my beloved DiorShow which I’ve reviewed here.


The brush itself is quite long, and has a small domed tip or ball tip similar to Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. You can’t see it because it’s coated in mascara which actually happens a lot with this. Way too much product comes out and collects at the tip so making a mistakes is inevitable unless you keep wiping the excess off with a tissue or something before every single use. Insert obligatory aint nobody got time for dat quote.


The formula is wet, which I love. The formula is inky black, which I also love. The formula has a clay scent, which I neither love nor hate. As for the brush itself, the plastic bristles hurt because they scratch my lids whenever I attempt to apply this to the root of my lashes. The extra long length makes this awkward to apply to the lower lashes as well as the inner corner lashes so instead I try to use the domed tip for that. Unfortunately if I wipe off the brush, not enough product comes out to do much to my sad little lashes but if I don’t wipe it off, the product ends up getting on my lids and messing up my eye makeup. That said, it works great when you layer it with another mascara. To make this work, I suggest you rotate it when applying it to your lashes, not unlike Chanel’s Exceptionnel.


Here’s a brush comparison shot between In Extreme Dimension Lash and The Colossal. See how much longer and slimmer the MAC one is versus the Maybelline one?

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