Haul: Bath and Body Works Perfect Summer Collection


Hey y’all! It’s been a minute since I last blogged so please excuse any discrepancies you might come across while I get all reacquainted with wordpress and settle back down into the ol’ blogging routine. Mighty obliged to ya’!

A while back I previewed the Perfect Summer Collection in this post so if you’re interested in the top notes and whanot, you might wanna’ click the link. I also picked up just one from the reformulated foaming hand soaps which I also previewed in this post. So I guess I’ll start the haulage with hand soaps.


Pacific Cool Breeze (jade flower and sea spray) had a distinct ocean scent which you usually find in shower/bath products geared more towards men. Ocean scents make me think “Chalet!” “Swimming!” “Summer!” “Fun!” “Yayyy!” and so I fantasize (issues…) about using this at the chalet. Anyhow for some reason, I actually find myself now gravitating towards masculine scents a la Mahogany Teakwood. Pacific Cool Breeze is no exception. It’s a pleasant, masculine, ocean scent. I find the image on the sticker, and even the color scheme all very appealing as well. Too bad I’ve already finished this up so you can’t see it anymore but the liquid inside was also a pretty blue shade. I chose Sea Side Bloom (poppies, water lily, and apple) last because there’s always a buy 2 get 1 free deal on hand soaps and when I sniffed it at the store I could detect something fruity in the scent and I love fruity scents. Unfortunately, as it turns out this was an extremely floral scent. I do not like flowers. I do not like the way they look. I do not like the way they smell. Lastly, the liquid in this was an unappealing yellow shade. It feels like it took me forever to use this all up. Citrus Sun Shine (grapefruit, orange, and verbena) was the one I chose second because… citrus. It’s pretty much a safe bet to go with anything from Bath and Body Works that has citrus in it’s name insofar that I picked up one of those newly reformulated foaming hand soaps in the same scent. I enjoyed using the antibacterial hand soap and I’m currently in the process of using the foaming hand soap. I just wish the foaming hand soap would deposit the soap in my palm as opposed to shooting out haphazardly, almost spitting at me. The image on Citrus Sun Shine reminds me of an instagram filter, dontcha’ think? These cost 3KD each unless there’s a Buy 2 Get 1 free, then you only pay 6KD for 3 soaps.


I was sick of never being able to find a PocketBac whenever I needed one so I decided to stock up. Pacific Cool Breeze because it’s a clean, masculine, ocean scent. Coastal Sun & Surf because it has coconuts and vanilla in it and what’s more “summer” than that? Malibu Sunset because I could only detect “fruity” instore but once I got home, surprise! “floral”. So, yup, fully stocked up for the next few months. These retail for 1 Kuwaiti Dinar each


Endless Weekend (raspberry lychee sorbet, magnolia and vanilla sandalwood) in my humble opinion is the star scent of the line so I picked up a huge thing of shower gel (295ml/10 fl oz) for KD 4/750 and despite the gold top, I really like the cutesy packaging, blue liquid and all, and find the the fruity scent very pleasing. Much to my delight, I discovered that they were selling a body scrub in the same scent. Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub costs KD6/750 for 226g/8oz I have yet to use either though because again I fantasize about using these at the chalet, preferably after a refreshing swim because… issues.


I could not resist picking up a few of the Coastal Cool candles because they came in gorgeous frosted jars!

I picked up a 3 wick candle in Endless Weekend (mandarin, magnolia, and coconut water) for KD7/000. I’d also gotten two more 3 wick candles in Beach Day but I gave those away; 1 to my brother, and 1 to a friend because I already have a dupe for it. That’s right, folks! You read it correctly. A candle dupe which I wanna say is a first haha I picked up Beach Day because it smelled masculine, clean, and familiar. Once I got home, I set Mahogany Teakwood and Beach Day side by side, for a sniff test and wouldn’t ya’ know it? They smell exactly the same! Like 99.999% the same. Now I don’t really bother mentioning it but Mahogany Teakwood has become pretty much a staple with me and I’m always picking a few up in different sizes and giving them out to friends and family because how can you not love Mahogany Teakwood? Mahogany Teakwood itself is actually a pretty good dupe for Abercrombie and Fitch “Fierce”. Back to Endless Weekend, the scent was not quite what I expected it to be. It smells lovely, don’t get me wrong but I wish it had more of a throw, is all. I can’t get over how gorgeous the frosted jar looks! I wish Bath and Body Works would include more frosted candles in their upcoming collections! I don’t even mind that they don’t come with lids either because they’re just that dang purdy!


Lastly, I picked up a bunch of minis which retailed for KD1/250 each. Beach Day (saltwater, lemon leaves, citrus musk) which we’ve recently established is a dupe for Mahogany Teakwood. Coastal Sun (orange and grapefruit) and Sunset Beach (pineapple, papaya, and sugarcane); yet more citrus-y scents. Aside from Sunset Beach which had a decent throw to it, I can barely smell these but that’s ok because they look adorable.


I totally forgot about the Sunset Glow Body Lotion and the Waves&Shine Hair Mist.


Sunset Glow Body Lotion costs KD5/500.


Waves&Shine Hair Mist retails for KD5/500 as well.

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